It's All Well & Good When You Have Vanilla Frosted Cup Cakes!

It's All Well & Good When You Have Vanilla Frosted Cup Cakes!

Rainy winter days call for cupcakes, but what about low FODMAP ones?

We put our product of the week to the test today, baking up a beautiful batch of delicious low FODMAP, gluten free, dairy free, nut free, soy free cupcakes, plus icing & sprinkles!

Yep, we're talking about Well & Good's Vanilla Cup Cake Mix!

 Well & Good Vanilla Cup Cake Mix comes with 360g cupcake mix, 120g vanilla icing and 30g sprinkles. All you need to have ready to go is 2 medium eggs (for ovo-vegetarians), 100g margarine and some colourful cupcake patty pans.

It's as simple as that to make the perfect batch!

This product is fantastic to use if you're strapped for time and have to bring something to an allergen-friendly event like a child's birthday party, or when you're really craving a lovely sweet treat, without the backlash of gastrointestinal symptoms*.

Sweet Treat Tip: Piping the icing onto the cupcakes is a super fun activity that kids can get involved in!


What we love about this product:

1) It is safe to eat throughout the low FODMAP diet. The products has been assessed as low FODMAP based on its ingredients list, making it a great choice if craving something sweet.

2) The product ticks 5 'free-from' food categories at FodShop, making it a versatile choice, catering to a range of different diets & lifestyles, without any compromise on quality or taste. To learn more about the free-from categories we cater for, click here.

3) The best part about this Cupcake Kit is that it came with icing and sprinkles! Check out our batch below to give you an idea about how yours could look!




Perhaps bring them to your next luncheon..?


 *Click here to learn more about FODMAPs and how they may be causing you gastrointestinal symptoms.




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