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We know from experience how damned difficult it is to find low FODMAP no onion no garlic curry sauces and ready-to-eat curry in a hurry!

Say YES to Indian food with our low FODMAP Indian curry range, everything in this section is so delicious you won't even remember what you've been missing up until now.


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Rick Grant's Naan Bread Mix (200g)


Rick Grant's famous Naan Bread - low FODMAP and gluten free, these Naan Breads are even better than their wheat-based brothers! Serving suggestion: Pair with Latasha's Kitchen, Mamaji's Homestyle, No Worries.

Foddies Rogan Josh (350g)


The second Rogan Josh in the FodShop Rogan Range has arrived! No onion or garlic, fructose friendly and utterly delicious, this curry in a hurry is just what the gastro.

Foddies Butter Chicken (350g)


The deliciousness of Butter Chicken has been brought to you by the low FODMAP food experts at Foddies, thanks to this onion & garlic free number! Add your favourite meat,.

Celebrate Health Butter Masala (175g)


Rich, tomatoey, spicy, fragrant Indian-inspired deliciousness without a slither of onion or garlic. Hard to believe this flavour bomb of a recipe base was created with an IBS gut in.

Foddies Butter Chicken & Rice (350g) - FROZEN PRODUCT, VIC PICKUP ONLY


Low FODMAP onion & garlic free ready-to-eat Butter Chicken? Heck yes! Well, if we don't say ourselves! Introducing Foddies Butter Chicken with Rice, cooked to perfection with a creamy, tomatoey sauce without.