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We Feed You Lemon & Ginger Chicken with Kale, Zucchini & Brown Rice


Chicken breast braised in plenty of ginger, soy and lemon, giving this simple and complete dish lots of flavour. INGREDIENTSChicken Breast (38%), Water, Zucchini (14%), Brown Jasmine Rice (10%), Kale (7%),.

We Feed You Teriyaki Chicken with Edamame, Wombok & Rice


We Feed You's slow-cooked sticky glazed chicken is full of flavour and balanced by the clean and fresh tastes of wombok, zucchini, and spring onion, and the firmer texture of brown.

We Feed You Satay Lemongrass Pork with Green Beans & Brown Rice


Lemongrass and ginger seasoned pork with carrot, green beans and brown rice in a rich and flavoursome peanut satay sauce. INGREDIENTSGreen Beans (20%), Lean Minced Pork (20%), Water, Carrot, Brown.

We Feed You Thai Green Coconut Curry with Veggies & Brown Rice


Creamy Thai Green Coconut and Lemongrass sauce with heaps of fresh vegetables, Brown Jasmine Rice, Edamame and Peanuts. INGREDIENTSWater, Edamame (Soybeans)(12%), Brown Jasmine Rice (9%), Red Capsicum (9%), Green Beans (9%),.

We Feed You Slow Cooked Beef with Green Beans & Cherry Tomatoes


Slow cooked Beef, juicy Cherry Tomatoes and Green Beans tossed with Anchovies, Capers and chopped Almonds. INGREDIENTS Crushed Tomatoes (29%)(Reconstituted Tomatoes, Salt), Beef (29%), Green Beans (13%), Cherry Tomatoes (8%), Carrot,.

We Feed You Moroccan Chicken with Quinoa, Green Olives, Tomato & Lemon


Chicken braised in delicious Moroccan Spices and tomatoes, and paired with Quinoa, Sumac, Green Olives and Preserved Lemon.  INGREDIENTS Chicken Thigh (27%), Crushed Tinned Tomatoes (17%)(Reconstituted Tomatoes, Salt), Water, Carrot,.

We Feed You Asian Vegetables with Brown Rice & Vietnamese Mint


Fried rice that isn’t fried. Steamed brown jasmine rice tossed with heaps of crunchy fresh vegetables, tamari and lots of ginger. Heat in the oven for a little extra crunch! .

We Feed You Miso Chicken with Water Chestnuts, Sesame & Rice


Brown Jasmine Rice with Miso and Mirin marinated Chicken, Chinese Cabbage, Water Chestnuts and Black Sesame Seeds.  INGREDIENTSWater, Minced Chicken (15%), Brown Jasmine Rice (12%), Water Chestnuts (9%), Zucchini, Wombok, Daikon,.

We Feed You Chinese Spiced Lamb with Green Veggies, Peanuts, Brown Rice


Lamb shoulder slow cooked in cumin and Schezuan spices until tender then shredded through fresh vegetables and fragrant brown rice and topped with peanuts. INGREDIENTSWater, Lamb (21%), Zucchini (14%), Brown.

We Feed You Middle Eastern Beef with Goats Cheese, Veggies & Rice


Lean beef mince infused with sumac, cinnamon and coriander, combined with goat’s cheese, green beans, fennel, carrot, red capsicum, pine nuts and brown rice. Topped off with lemon, chilli, fresh.

We Feed You Smokey Chipotle Chicken with Quinoa, Capsicum & Coriander


Smokey Chipotle Chicken With Quinoa is perfect for a healthy lunch or dinner. We have slow cooked the chicken in a mix of spices such as cumin seeds, smoked paprika.

We Feed You Just Bolognese Sauce - Packed with Beef Mince & Veggies


For those who want to make their own pasta or veggies, this comes with two serves of Bolognese sauce ready to go. INGREDIENTSTinned Tomatoes (37%)(Reconstituted Tomato, Salt), Lean Minced Beef.

We Feed You Miso Tofu & Edamame with Carrot & Pickled Cabbage


Miso marinated Tofu and Carrot with Edamame, Pickled Cabbage, Spring Onions (green portion only) and Sesame Seeds.  INGREDIENTSEdamame (Soybeans) (28%), Firm Tofu (18%)(Soybeans, Mineral Salts (509,511), Water), Carrot (14%), Pickled Cabbage.

We Feed You Classic Pasta Bolognese (400g)


Taking We Feed You's traditional Bolognese Sauce which is packed with veggies, the team have added rice pasta to make this a high fibre meal packed with nutrition. It is.

We Feed You Just Puttanesca Sauce - Serve with your Favourite Pasta!


400g (Two 200g Serves) Traditional Italian rich tomato based sauce with capers, black olives and anchovies. Heat and serve with your favourite pasta. INGREDIENTSCrushed Tomatoes (48%)(Reconstituted Tomato, salt), Red Wine.