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Your tummy friendly food finder


Welcome to FODShop!

Us Fodmappers know from experience just how difficult it can be to find suitable low FODMAP food.

Let’s face it; you have to run here, there and everywhere to find just a few products you can actually eat, without setting off your gut!

Even if you do come across something you CAN actually eat, chances are you have had to travel yonks to get to different supermarkets and other stockists scattered here, there and everywhere, just to find good quality food at a suitable price.

FodShop is the world’s first online FODMAP expert Nutritionist-run shop, providing more than 70 food products from more than 20 brands’ worth of low FODMAP food products.

Every single one of our food products has been hand-selected, had its ingredients list carefully assessed and approved low in all FODMAPs, covering:

• Fructans

• Galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS)

• Dissacharides (lactose)

• Monosaccharides (fructose in excess of glucose)


• Polyols (sugar alcohols, including mannitol and sorbitol)

All FodShop-stocked products are therefore safe and suitable to eat, no matter where you are in your digestive health journey*.

In addition to this, our products meet at least one of the following food intolerance and allergen-friendly categories:

• Wheat free

• Gluten free

• Dairy free

• Egg free

• Nut free

• Soy free

• Yeast free

• Vegan and Vegetarian

• Organic

• Kosher and Halal

You can search all our products by brand, filter, and grocery category. If you have a food intolerance, food allergy, or seeking foods which align with your personal, religious and/or lifestyle choices, FodShop is where you’ll find it all!

We also provide a range of fantastic resources to help you eat for better gut health, including lots of quick n' easy low FODMAP recipes using products available at FodShop, and a FODMAP expert finder to help you find a gut health specialist, if you think you need more personalised advice in achieving your gut health goals.

FodShop is your one stop FODMAP shop. Your tummy friendly food finder is here at last!


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