Grocery Shopping

The Challenges While Following


When starting the low FODMAP diet, its not uncommon to quickly realise how restrictive the diet is. So many foods you would normally eat are on the 'can't have' list, leaving your diet extremely restrictive, bland and boring.

Feeling like all your favourite foods are gone makes grocery food shopping and eating out very overwhelming and perceptibly impossible, bringing on feelings of disappointment, stress, and anxiety.

There aren't many with the time & energy to shop hop in hope of finding suitable low FODMAP food. Supermarkets, health & organic food stores and other independents stock a wide range of food products, but not all are low FODMAP approved, making the navigation of ingredients lists to assess suitability time-consuming & infuriating.

At FodShop, we’ve brought all your tummy friendly food needs together at our 1 stop shop; call it your FodShop!

Why FodShop?

FodShop is the world’s first online FODMAP expert Nutritionist-run shop, providing more than 500 food products from more than 100 brands of low FODMAP food products, additionally meeting various food intolerance & allergen-friendly categories, including:


All FodShop food products have been extensively searched for throughout the Australian, USA, UK, Cananduan and New Zealand food supplies, assessed for suitability on the FODMAP diet and approved for sale by FodShop Founder Shaynie Ashkenazi ANutr.

Shaynie is a FODMAP expert University-qualified Nutritionist, having completed a Bachelor of Science, Masters of Human Nutrition and participating in a Master of Dietetic Practice with a specialty in gut health.

FodShop products are therefore safe and suitable to eat, no matter which FODMAP phase a patient/client/customer is in, or where they're at in their digestive health journey.

Shaynie Ashkenazi, ANutr.

You can search FodShop products by brand, filter, and grocery category. There is something for everyone, no matter your food intolerance, food allergy, or personal, ethical, religious and/or lifestyle choices.

More Than Food

Learning & Resources

Recipes & Shopping Guides

FodShop isn't limited to offering food products!

We enable access to a range of fantastic evidence-based resources to help you eat for better gut health, including lots of quick & easy recipes using FodShop products, shopping guides, Dietitian-led blogs, Wellness in IBS in-person workshops, and a FODMAP expert finder to help you find a gut health specialist Dietitian to assist you in achieving your gut health goals.

Learning & Education

Our learning is enhanced when we surround ourselves with others going through similar struggles to us. We also learn differently when we interact with others, being able to share stories and view our issues differently when discussion is had around food, IBS symptoms, anxiety and lifestyle.

FodShop runs Wellness in IBS Workshops to help you learn about nutrition for gut health and mental health in an interactive forum, empowering you to take control over your IBS symptoms in a supportive environment.

Keep an eye on our 'FODMAP Seminars' page for information about upcoming events taking place near you.