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Casalare Buckwheat Pancake Shaker Mix (300g)

$4.20 Sold out

Buckwheat Pancake Shaker Mix mean lazy Sunday low FODMAP brekkies made simple! Delicious, easy to prepare, and best of all, low FODMAP, the pancakes you'll make are so delicious. It's a no-brainer,.

Casalare Gluten & Wheat Free Cannelloni (125g)

$3.50 Sold out

Finally a low FODMAP cannelloni that everyone can enjoy! These tasty tubes are simply filled with your favourite low FODMAP filling, like lactose free ricotta and delicious spinach. Did we mention how.

Casalare Lasagne Sheets (250g) Casalare Lasagne Sheets (250g)

Casalare Lasagne Sheets (250g)

$6.45 $6.10

Low FODMAP and gluten free lasagne sheets! Yes, the impossible has indeed been made possible, thanks to Casalare who are really are the leaders in low FODMAP meals made easy.

Casalare Gluten & Wheat Free Rice Crumbs (330g)

$7.20 Sold out

Casalare Gluten Free Rice Crumbs have been given the 'thumbs up' for their quality and use in place of regular bread crumbs. Did we mention our Nutritionists deem this guy FODMAP.

Casalare Tempura Flour (750g)


Who doesn't love a lightly-battered, deep-fried delicacy every now and again? Batter your breakfast, lunch n' tea and keep your tummy happy too, with Casalare Tempura Flour. This flour is a.

Casalare Quinoa Elbows (250g) Casalare Quinoa Elbows (250g)

Casalare Quinoa Elbows (250g)

$5.70 $5.55

Quinoa is an extremely nutritious low FODMAP grain added to many gluten free and low FODMAP pastas. The addition of quinoa creates a great texture and taste. This product is suitable for vegetarians and.