We buy the best Australian ingredients available to make our delicious award winning mayonnaises. Our recipes have more pasteurised free range egg than most of our competitors, giving our product its rich, creamy texture.  We also use Australian Non GM Canola Oil, expeller pressed with no preservatives added.

We are proud to have been using free range eggs since 2009, when they first became available in bulk. In recognition of this fact, Doodles Creek was awarded the Good Egg award from the RSPCA in partnership with Compassion in World Farming.

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Doodles Creek Tartare Sauce (285g)


Doodles Tartare Sauce is made traditionally with capers and gherkins.It is a must with fish and chips. Doodles Creek award winning famous mayonnaise is made to traditional recipes, thickened naturally.

Doodles Creek Dill & Lime Mayonnaise (285g)


The subtle dill flavour and lemony zing make this mayonnaise a perfect accompaniment to most fish dishes. You can also mix Doodles Dill and Lime mayonnaise with some chopped boiled.

Doodles Creek Chilli Lime Mayonnaise (285g)


The delicious Doodles Creek Mayonnaise with Chilli & Lime is one of the company's best sellers. The mayonnaise has just enough heat to fire up the taste buds. It has.

The Fish with Tartare Sauce Pack (300g) The Fish with Tartare Sauce Pack (300g)

The Fish with Tartare Sauce Pack (300g)

$15.49 $16.98

Love your fish n' chips but can't find a seasoning and tartare without onion and/or garlic in it? This nifty duo is just what's needed for fish n' chips for.