Whether you're spreading your toast or topping your treats, our condiments are confident choices!

Many store bought bottled sauces, spreads and toppings are high FODMAP for a range of reasons.

We know from experience that garlic & onion pieces, puree & powders, and 'vegetable extracts' with garlic & onion in them, are present in many condiments like tomato sauces, marinades, herb & spice mixes and spreads.

Common offenders in salad dressings, like Caesar and ranch dressings include milk solids, milk powders, sour cream, and added garlic & onion, making it really difficult to condiment with confidence due to the fructans and lactose.

Add this to the fact that there are many nut & seed butters that contain garlic & onion, and sweet nut butters often contain honey, inulin, and agave to name a few.

Even at the standard serve size of 15-20g, many store-bought condiments & spreads are likely to be high in FODMAPs.

Our spreads & condiments have no added high FODMAP ingredients. None at all at their specified serve sizes. That's why you can trust our tummy friendly food finder!


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FreeFod Low FODMAP Garlic Replacer (72g)


Replace 1 clove of garlic with 1 teaspoon of FreeFOD garlic replacer in any recipe. Sprinkle through the product and mix well, under heat if possible. Add to water or.

FreeFod Low FODMAP Onion Replacer (72g)


Replace 1 medium onion with 1 teaspoon of FreeFOD onion replacer in any recipe. Sprinkle through the product and mix well, under heat if possible. Add to water or solid.

Cobram Estate Roasted Onion Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil (250ml)


Palate Distinctive yet delicate roast onion aromas and flavours linger on the palate. Aroma From a subtly sweet caramelised flavour to its FODMAP friendly status, this is a convenient, healthy.

Foddies Low FODMAP Tomato Salsa (350g)


The impossible has been made possible, with this flavoursome full-bodied tomato salsa from Foddies. This pantry staple condiment is paired perfectly with home-made nachos, burritos, fajitas and more. Why not.

NOGO Sweet Chilli Sauce (250ml)


Sweet, sour, spicy and salty. Another pantry staple for your cupboard! A delicious condiment to use as a dipping sauce for spring rolls, rice paper rolls, and BBQ skewered meats & veg. .

NOGO Satay Sauce with Turmeric (190g)


Salty, crunchy, sweet and luscious. An Asian inspired sauce that you can pop on top of your favourite meat or fish. Add coconut milk or water and use in a.

Foddies Tomato Relish (350g)


At last! A low FODMAP relish product without any garlic or onion. It's no longer a dream, thanks to Foddies Low FODMAP Relish.  This delightfully tasty, zingy relish will delight.

Poppy Smack Salty Sweet Satay Sauce (250ml)


A nutty, savoury sauce blended with the sweetness of plum hoisin that's low enough in FODMAPs per serve to tickle the taste buds without the tummy trubs! This insanely yummy.

NOGO Jalapeno Salsa (275g)


Our Jalapeno, red pepper and tomato salsa has a nice little chilli kick with delicately rounded spices and a full tomato flavour. A must with Mexican and also great with.

Ozganics Creamy Avocado Dressing (350ml)


We searched high and low across Australia to find a suitable low FODMAP, no garlic no onion dressing, at last we found it with Ozganics! This egg free, dairy free.