Baking is enjoyable, therapeutic, and can really bring us together with a fantastic final product!

Unfortunately, many baking mixes, cake & muffin mixes, flours (white and self-raising), and ready-to-eat baked goods are notoriously high in FODMAP sugars, including fructans, galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS)lactose, excess fructose, and sugar alcohols. We've explained why below:

Fructans & GOS: If wheat flour is present, this contributes a high quantity of fructans, the main FODMAP of concern in wheat. Often baking mixes also include inulin and/or chicory root fibre, besan flour (chickpea flour), and/or soy flour, which may also contribute high quantities of galacto-ologisaccharides (GOS), another 'O' molecule in the FODMAP acronym.

Lactose: Often these products contain buttermilk, milk solids and whey protein concentrates, which in higher amounts are high in lactose.

Excess fructose: Added sources of excess fructose include honey, agave and fruit flavours/extracts. Often these ingredients are high in FODMAPs, even in the smallest amounts.

Polyols (sugar alcohols): Maltitiol, xylitol and sorbitol may be added to low calorie baking mixes to reduce the energy content of the food product.

While there are many products available that do contain pesky FODMAPs like the ones mentioned above, our FODShop is proud to provide a range of safe, low FODMAP baking products you can enjoy. Forget the stress of navigating ingredients lists, we've done all the work for you with the delicious delicacies we have available here.

Enjoy FodShopping!

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Well & Good Vanilla Cup Cake Mix + Frosting & Coloured Sprinkles (510g)


It’s time to get busy in the kitchen with the Well and Good gluten free cup cake mix. Your kids will love these yummy vanilla cupcakes which are moist and.

Orgran Chocolate Brownie Mix (400g)


These perfect bite-sized treats should be enjoyed fresh-baked from the oven. Pair with Orgran Instant Custard Mix (coming soon to FodShop) for one delightful dessert. Serve size: 28.6g per serve is.

Orgran Instant Custard Mix (200g)


This Instant Custard Mix is the perfect companion for all your low FODMAP desserts and baking recipes. With an incredibly smooth and creamy texture, make and take this custard to your.

Yes You Can Banana Bread Mix (450g) Yes You Can Banana Bread Mix (450g)

Yes You Can Banana Bread Mix (450g)

$6.45 $6.60

Yes You Can Banana Bread Mix has been especially made for those a gluten free diet. Turns out this guy is also low FODMAP, making it the perfect baked bananary treat to enjoy while following.

Yes You Can Red Velvet Cupcake Mix + Frosting (450g) Yes You Can Red Velvet Cupcake Mix + Frosting (450g)

Yes You Can Red Velvet Cupcake Mix + Frosting (450g)

$6.49 $6.70

Yes You Can Red Velvet Cupcake Mix was made especially for those following gluten free diets. This time round' we're also pleased that those following a FODMAP diet can eat.

Well & Good Marble Cake Mix + Choc Frosting (460g)


There’s something special about marble cake that makes it hard to resist. Baking them is so much fun, especially for the kids; you never know how the final cake will.

Well & Good Multi Purpose Muffin Mix (400g) Well & Good Multi Purpose Muffin Mix (400g)

Well & Good Multi Purpose Muffin Mix (400g)

$6.25 $6.50

Morning Tea can be a tricky time of day. Make it simple with Well & Good’s Gluten Free Muffin Mix. With this product, you can create a huge range of.

Well & Good Choc Mousse Cup Cake Mix + Mousse Topping (450g)


A delicious chocolate cupcake that only gets better when you add creamy choc mousse to the top. This is a yummy indulgent snack that will be popular with all ages.

Schar Pizza Bases (2x150g)

$9.99 SOLD OUT

This gluten free low FODMAP pizza base really is as authentic as it gets, being made in Italy. From the Schar oven to yours, it couldn't be more simple -.

Yes You Can Choc Mud Cake Mix with Ganache Topping (550g)


An indulgent chocolate cake that's gluten free and low FODMAP, with real chocolate buttons for ganache. You'll love the gooey, rich texture of this cake, not knowing the slightest difference.