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You've come to the right place if you craving a sweet treat without the bloat to follow.

All our baking mixes are low in fructose, lactose, sugar alcohols, and other fermentable carbohydrates, so they're easy on the tummy¬†ūüėä

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Rick Grant's Naan Bread Mix (200g)


Rick Grant's famous Naan Bread - low FODMAP and gluten free, these Naan Breads are even better than their wheat-based brothers! Serving suggestion: Pair with Latasha's Kitchen, Mamaji's Homestyle, No Worries.

Orgran Chocolate Brownie Mix (400g)


These perfect bite-sized treats should be enjoyed fresh-baked from the oven. Pair with Orgran Instant Custard Mix for one delightful dessert. Serve size:¬†ÔĽŅ28.6g per serve is low FODMAP. Ingredients:¬†Brown Sugar,.

Orgran Instant Custard Mix (200g)


This Instant Custard Mix is the perfect companion for all your low FODMAP desserts and baking recipes. With an incredibly smooth and creamy texture, make and take this custard to your.

Rick Grant's Yeast Pizza Base Mix (200g)


Pizza Base Mix - unlike any other pizza base out there! Simply follow the instructions and wait for the mix to double in size. Roll out and top with your.

Schar Pizza Bases (2x150g)


This gluten free low FODMAP pizza base really is as authentic as it gets, being made in Italy. From the Schar oven to yours, it couldn't be more simple -.

Well & Good Chocolate Cupcake Mix (450g)


Bowl to oven faster than you can say Well and Good! Our Chocolate Cupcake Mix can be made in a snap; a mess-free way to bake cupcakes that won’t last long on.

Well & Good Whipping Cream Powder (2 x 125g Sachets)


Make dairy free whipping cream that tastes as good as the real thing! An indulgent dessert topping that is easy to make in under 10 minutes, the Well and Good whipping cream mix is.

YesYouCan Banana Bread Mix (450g)


YesYouCan Banana Bread Mix has been especially made for those a gluten free diet. Turns out this guy is also low FODMAP, making it the perfect baked bananary treat to enjoy while following a low.

YesYouCan Red Velvet Cupcake Mix + Frosting (450g)


Yes You Can Red Velvet Cupcake Mix was made especially for those following gluten free diets. This time round' we're also pleased that those following a FODMAP diet can eat.

Well & Good Vanilla Cup Cake Mix + Frosting & Coloured Sprinkles (510g)


ÔĽŅIt‚Äôs time to get busy in the kitchen with the Well and Good gluten free cup cake mix. Your kids will love these yummy vanilla cupcakes which are moist and.