Over ten years ago, a master chef, an elite footballer and an expert dietitian, got together and created a new way to live nutritiously... Dineamic.

Their hope? To help people be their very best.

They shared the belief that great tasting, nutritious food can influence great performance, on and off the field.

They were determined to make Australia healthier, one meal at a time.

Ten years on, we still believe the same thing. Sure, we still feed elite athletes Australia wide, and now we feed lots of other people too. People are looking for a more convenient ways to enjoy better food, better health, and a better environment.

Over time we have evolved our range to suit every dietary or lifestyle group. Whether you are strictly vegan, part-time vegetarian, or need gluten or dairy free, we have something delicious for you.

Our hand-made meals cater to people who are:

• Gluten free • Dairy free • Vegan • Vegetarian • Low FODMAP

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Dineamic Low FODMAP Chicken & Vegetable Risotto (360g) - FRESH PRODUCT, DELIVERY ONLY


Tender free-range chicken is packed with fresh market vegetables and herbs to deliver the healthiest and most delicious version of this dish. Great served with a side salad or as.

Dineamic Low FODMAP Slow Cooked Mediterranean Beef With Rosemary Roasted Vegetables - FRESH PRODUCT, DELIVERY ONLY


Inspired by a Bourguignon style casserole, we start by slow braising lean cuts of beef in a rich tomato sauce with an array of root vegetables and olives to create.

Dineamic Low FODMAP Beef Bolognese with Gluten Free Penne Pasta - FRESH PRODUCT, DELIVERY ONLY


Meet our crowd favourite beef bolognese. A rich meaty ragu made using grass-fed beef mince, fresh tomatoes, carrot, celery and Italian herbs. No onion or garlic in this flavour bomb.

Dineamic Low FODMAP Cacciatore with Potato Wedges - FRESH PRODUCT, DELIVERY ONLY


Slow braise free range chicken in a rich tomato sauce makes this classic Italian casserole. Depth of flavour is created with capsicum, olives and fresh basil. Perfectly laid on a.

Dineamic Low FODMAP Chicken Cacciatore (500g, 2 serves) - FRESH PRODUCT, DELIVERY ONLY


Premium free-range chicken is slow-braised in a rich tomato and white wine sauce to give Dineamic Chicken Cacciatore its depth of flavour. This Italian classic is full of mushrooms, capsicum,.



Who doesn't love a Chicken Pad Thai? Especially when it's full of flavour and healthy too! Succulent free-range chicken paired with crunchy bean sprouts, capsicum, carrots, and peas—it's packed with.

Dineamic Low FODMAP Maple Pork with Brown Rice & Sesame Broccoli - FRESH PRODUCT, DELIVERY ONLY


This sumptuous stir-fry is sure to become a cult classic. Decadent sweet and savoury maple glazed pork, complimented by nutty and nuanced sesame broccoli, resting alongside a bed of fluffy.

Dineamic Low FODMAP Sweet & Sour Pork with Rice Noodles - FRESH PRODUCT, DELIVERY ONLY


This take-out classic has a healthy twist—with free-range pork, pineapple, carrot, baby corn, capsicum, and Low FODMAP aromatics like ginger and herbs. We recommend stirring the pearlescent rice noodles through.

Dineamic Low FODMAP Southern Indian Vegetable Curry with Basmati Rice - FRESH PRODUCT, DELIVERY ONLY


This vegan curry is packed with nutrient-dense vegetables like sweet potato, carrot, and eggplant and provides a source of plant-based protein from chickpeas. Southern Indian spices such as ginger, turmeric,.