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Dineamic Low FODMAP Chicken & Vegetable Risotto (360g) - FRESH PRODUCT, DELIVERY ONLY


Tender free-range chicken is packed with fresh market vegetables and herbs to deliver the healthiest and most delicious version of this dish. Great served with a side salad or as.

Dineamic Low FODMAP Beef Bolognese with Gluten Free Penne Pasta - FRESH PRODUCT, DELIVERY ONLY


Meet our crowd favourite beef bolognese. A rich meaty ragu made using grass-fed beef mince, fresh tomatoes, carrot, celery and Italian herbs. No onion or garlic in this flavour bomb.

We Feed You Beef w/ Roast Potatoes, Mustard Green Vegetables & Almonds (370g) - FROZEN PRODUCT - DELIVERY ONLY


Lean beef, slow-cooked with a combination of thyme, parsley, garlic olive oil (low FODMAP) and dry white wine. The potatoes are roasted and the green veggies are mixed through a beautiful sauce using a.

We Feed You Beef Cottage Pie Topped with Chat Potatoes & Mozzarella Cheese (350g) - FROZEN PRODUCT, DELIVERY ONLY


Discover our unique twist on a classic Cottage Pie or a healthier alternative to a traditional pastry packed meat pie. Our version is packed with flavour and all the joy that comes with.