Celebrate Health is for the next generation of people that are healthy and committed to eating delicious food that fits perfectly within their health requirements.

Including the intensive research, the flavour trials and vigorous testing – so that we can offer the very best for your body. All you need to do is enjoy being healthy and relish feeling good.

Not only have we learnt what makes us feel good but we know what tastes good too. We’d like to help as many people feel just as good as we do. Whether you have allergies or intolerances, or you just want to eat well – being healthy makes life easier and we’d like to show you how.

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Celebrate Health Organic Chicken Chia & Sweetcorn Soup (400g)


Yum! Finally another ready-to-eat soup for FODMAPpers to enjoy on-the-go! This high fibre, flavoursome pouch of perfection will delight any day or night, or lunch, dinner or anywhere in between - it's.

Celebrate Health Tomato Sauce, No Added Sugar (430ml)


Eating healthy shouldn’t be hard. Real food that’s better for you, even better again if it's low FODMAP, gluten free and contains no added sugar. Serving size information: A 20ml.

Celebrate Health Organic Pumpkin & Sweet Potato Soup (400g)


The second pumpkin soup in the FodShop range comes with a flavour hit! Sweet potato and pumpkin to delight your taste buds after a long day at the office. Simply.

Celebrate Health Butter Masala (175g)


Rich, tomatoey, spicy, fragrant Indian-inspired deliciousness without a slither of onion or garlic. Hard to believe this flavour bomb was created with an IBS gut in mind, we'll call him...

Celebrate Health Vegan Mayonnaise (430ml)


Eating healthy shouldn’t be hard. We make real food that’s better for you – Always gluten free and always no added sugar. Serving size information: A 20ml serve is low.

Celebrate Health Vegan Gravy (200g)


The second low FODMAP gravy at FodShop isn't your average joe, that's fo sho! A delicious ready-to-pour no onion no garlic vegan gravy that can be used in so many.

The Celebrate Health Low FODMAP Value Pack (2kg) The Celebrate Health Low FODMAP Value Pack (2kg)

The Celebrate Health Low FODMAP Value Pack (2kg)

$35.99 $40.50

Love Celebrate Health's products, but can't decide for the life of you, which ones to buy? We've solved that problem for you with this cost-effective Celebrate Health low FOD bundle!.