Low FODMAP Christmas, Easter, Grand Final Day, Aussie BBQ's and all Your Favourite Occasions

Call for FODMAP friendly foods you can enjoy with confidence. From low FODMAP relish, salsa, chips, crisps, bikkies, dips, treats and more, there's something for everyone to enjoy the pleasure of being together.

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Fody Foods Mild Salsa (450g)


Ole! Never miss another Taco Tuesday. Low FODMAP nachos are now a reality with our delicious, brightly flavored Low FODMAP Salsa. Fiesta time! One serving of this product has been tested and.

Simply Wize Choc'o Biscuits (250g)


You'll never believe these delicious chocolate biscuits with a soft vanilla cream filling are better than Oreo's! Fructose friendly, lactose free and low FODMAP overall per serve,good luck trying to.

Fody Foods Medium Salsa (450g)


Ole! Never miss another Taco Tuesday. Authentic Low FODMAP nachos are now a reality with our delicious, brightly-flavored Low FODMAP Medium Salsa. We're spicing it up a notch with this medium-heat.

Simply Wize Gluten Free Grissini (100g)


Cruspy Italian breadsticks with a hint of olive oil!  Perfect for entertaining or munching on for a snack, which ever way you choose to munch, you're rest assured with these.

Simply Wize Lavosh Rosemary & Seeds (180g)


  Serve size: A 12g per serve is low FODMAP, 14 serves per pack. Certified by FODMAP Friendly. Ingredients: Potato Flour, Corn Flour, Rice Flour, Sesame Seeds, Poppyseeds, Salt, Rosemary Extract. Nutrition.

NOGO Zingy Ginger Sauce (180g)


Zingy ginger and gentle Asian flavours pair beautifully with BBQ'd fish and chicken. A perfect marinade for all meats or poured over steamed rice or veggies. A lovely salad or.

Fody Foods Salsa Verde (454g)


Introducing Fody Salsa Verde! The latest addition to the line of gut-friendly, low FODMAP sauces – it's made from only the most premium salsa verde ingredients including fresh fire-roasted green and.

Simply Wize Almond Crispbread (120g)


Fancy a cuppa? Complement it with a lovely sweet oven-baked treat! Now you can, with Simply Wize FODMAP Friendly Almond Crispbreads. They're lovely & crunchy, low in fructose and dairy free,.

Simply Wize Cranberry & Pistachio Crispbread (120g)


If you fancy a cuppa, why not complement it with a lovely sweet oven baked treat? Now you can! Simply Wize FODMAP Friendly Cranberry & Pistachio Crispbreads are lovely &.

Arancini4All Grass-Fed Beef Bolognese And Mozzarella Arancini (500g) - FROZEN PRODUCT, VIC PICKUP ONLY


Beautiful grass-fed and grass-finished bolognese and mozzarella arancini are absolutely delicious. We recommend you shallow fry these beauties in rice bran oil to compliment the rice.Each arancini is a 50g.

The Fody LoFo Salsa Trio! (1.5kg) The Fody LoFo Salsa Trio! (1.5kg)

The Fody LoFo Salsa Trio! (1.5kg)

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Ole! Never miss another Taco Tuesday. Authentic Low FODMAP nachos, tacos & enchiladas are now a reality with this delicious, brightly-flavoured low FODMAP salsa lineup! These salsas are loaded with yummy tomatoes.

Arancini4All Roasted Kent Pumpkin, Danish Feta And Rosemary Arancini (500g) - FROZEN PRODUCT, VIC PICKUP ONLY


This is basically the best ingredients rolled into little balls of deliciousness. Think of the beautiful aromas of roast pumpkin, cooked with fresh rosemary and delightful Danish feta. You will.

Peckish Rice Crackers Cheese 6 Pack (120g)


Peckish Flavoured Rice Crackers Cheddar Cheese are thinner, lighter and crispier. Air baked layers with no palm oil, gluten and MSG.You've never had a cracker quite like this before -.