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Small batch, handcrafted, all natural, Hot Sauce. Made in Australia.
Melbourne Hot Sauce was founded in 2013 with a clear vision of bringing something new & exciting to the hot sauce scene. Owner & founder Richard Nelson has drawn on his 20 years experience as a chef to create a range of sauces for everyday culinary use. MHS sauces are all created for multipurpose use & can be enjoyed as a stand alone table condiment or as part of an ingredient in marinades, dressings, salsas, rubs, sauces, dips, infusions, cocktails or just about anything that needs a bit more flavour!

Depth,balance & flavour are key, with a focus on simple, clean & pronounced flavours.
All of our sauces contain between 80%-100% All Natural Australian Ingredients
NO added preservatives, additives, thickeners, binders, gums, colouring or stabilisers

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