Chang's are passionate about providing high-quality Asian noodles and sauces to Australian homes to help bring your favourite Asian dishes to life. Chang's were one of the first grocery manufacturers to offer gluten-free alternatives, and today, all Chang’s sauces are free of gluten, and many of them are also low FODMAP.   

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Chang's Gluten Free Wok Ready Noodles (200g)


Chang’s Wok-Ready noodles are convenient for quick meals.  No soaking or boiling required, just add these low FODMAP & gluten free noodles straight to a stir fry for instant perfect.

Chang's Oriental Fried Noodle Salad Dressing (280ml)


A ready-made dressing to add to your favourite Asian salad. No Added onion or garlic so you can drizzle worry free! Serving size: A 12ml serve is low FODMAP, 23.

Chang's Oyster Sauce (150ml)


Chang’s Oyster Sauce is a traditional sauce widely used in Cantonese cooking. Its complex flavours make it suitable for stir-fried beef, pork or chicken as well as being very tasty.

Chang's Fish Sauce (150ml)


Made from fresh anchovies, this sauce is used extensively in Thai and Vietnamese cooking to enhance the flavours. There isn't any garlic, onion or any other high FODMAP ingredients in this.

Chang's Rice Vermicelli Noodles (250g) Chang's Rice Vermicelli Noodles (250g)

Chang's Rice Vermicelli Noodles (250g)


Rice noodles are a delicious and light alternative to wheat noodles or spaghetti.  Serve hot or cold with a stir-fry, soup or salad. Chang’s Rice Noodles are low FODMAP, wheat.