Mingle seasoning will cut your meal prep time in half with healthy, delicious tasting, good for you seasonings that are tummy friendly.

Experiment with different flavours and change up your favourites daily! Great for meal prepping, gym- junkies, and those who follow a strict fitness & healthy regime. 

Cover all bases in the kitchen, simply add to your favourite dish or snack for healthy, tasty flavour without the nasties, or onion or garlic!

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Mingle Moroccan Seasoning - Sahara (45g, 120g)


Sahara takes you to Morocco! She will bring the Moroccan magic to any meal. Free from onion and garlic, this blend is also FODMAP friendly. Perfect on any protein or.

Mingle Seasoning Butter Chicken (30g)


Butter chicken seasoning without any onion or garlic? Heck yes! DIY your favourite Indian meal with confidence, this blend of fragrant spices works wonderfully with your own home made butter.

Mingle Satay Stir-fry Seasoning (30g) Mingle Satay Stir-fry Seasoning (30g)

Mingle Satay Stir-fry Seasoning (30g)


A Satay Stir-Fry spice blend without the nasties! Made with all-natural ingredients, this blend helps you create a healthy and fuss-free satay stir-fry, whipped up within 30 minutes.  Mingle’s NEW.

Low FODMAP Flavour Saviours (1kg) Low FODMAP Flavour Saviours (1kg)

Low FODMAP Flavour Saviours (1kg)

$69.99 $76.99

The 'low FODMAP diet' and 'flavour' can again go hand-in-hand, thanks to FodShop's flavour saviour flavour bombs! Just cause onion & garlic-filled foods are off the menu, doesn't mean your.

Mingle Coconut & Cacao Seasoning - Stella (130g)


Stella is your go-to girl when craving something a little sweet, but don't want to undo all your hard work! Perfect for adding to yoghurt, porridge, pancakes and smoothies. Stella.