Cobram Estate could talk about their olives for hours; the variety, the flavour, the health benefits, how they’re grown, the right time to pick, and how we turn them into olive oil.

At Cobram Estate, the passion for every single olive inspires everything they do. From tree to table, the fruit is nurtured to create fresh, healthy, antioxidant rich, award-winning extra virgin olive oils.

Every stage of production is looked after – from planting and picking to ensure freshness, to pressing and bottling to guarantee enjoyment.

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Cobram Estate Roasted Onion Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil (250ml)


Palate Distinctive yet delicate roast onion aromas and flavours linger on the palate. Aroma From a subtly sweet caramelised flavour to its FODMAP friendly status, this is a convenient, healthy.

Cobram Estate Garlic Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil (250ml)


Palate A harmonious balance of delicate extra virgin and intense garlic-infused oils. The hint of fresh garlic brings a distinctively pungent flavour and pleasant, light aftertaste. Aroma This delicious fusion.

Cobram Estate Meal Starters Ginger & Lemongrass Infused (375g)


A delicate zing paired with a smack of spice that adds a whole lot of punch to your wok, soup or salad. Ideal for chicken & coconut curry, spicy prawn.

Cobram Estate Meal Starters Garlic & Rosemary (375ml)


A robust profile of the best twosome in the kitchen. Aromatic in marinades, the roasting tray, and the grill. Excellent for roast lamb, root vegetables, shepherd's pie & even crispy.

Cobram Estate Meal Starters Chilli and Coriander Infused (375ml)


A subtle tickle of heat mixed with herb's great divider. This is fiesty freshness, ripe for drizzling over salads, stir fry and curries. Perfect for warm Thai beef salad, Mexican.