We know from experience how damned difficult it is to find low FODMAP gluten & wheat free noodles, and no onion no garlic stir-fry sauces & marinades.

Say YES to Chinese night with our low FODMAP Chinese range, everything in this section is so delicious you won't even remember what you've been missing up until now.


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AYAM™ Vietnamese Dipping Sauce (200ml)


A balance of salty (from fish sauce), spicy, sweet, and sour. Serve with fresh rice paper rolls, fried street snacks, or use as a salad dressing. AYAM™ has banned genetically.

AYAM™ Chilli Sauce (Sweet) (275ml)


Aromatic and sweet, ideal as a dipping sauce or to enhance any stir fry or noodle dish. AYAM™ has banned genetically modified ingredients, preservatives, added MSG and trans-fat in all.

AYAM™ Sweet Soy (210ml)


With a blend of thick, rich, caramel, and savoury, use to add sweetness to any Asian dish. AYAM™ has banned genetically modified ingredients, preservatives, added MSG and trans-fat in all.

We Feed You Chinese Spiced Lamb with Green Veggies, Peanuts, Brown Rice - FROZEN PRODUCT - DELIVERY ONLY


Lamb shoulder slow cooked in cumin and Schezuan spices until tender then shredded through fresh vegetables and fragrant brown rice and topped with peanuts. Please note! There is a 5.

AYAM™ Seasoning Sauce (150ml)


A deep, rich, and savoury sauce. Drizzle on eggs, add to stir fries and soups, flavour meats, or use a few drops to enhance any Asian dish. AYAM™ has banned.

AYAM™ Black Pepper Sauce (210ml)


Savoury and sweet with a mild peppery heat. Simply heat through and use as a sauce for meat, fish, or vegetables, or add to stir fries. Use 1 tbsp. AYAM™.

AYAM™ Vegetarian Oyster Sauce (210ml)


Sweet, savoury, and earthy, just like the original, but suitable for vegan diets. Use ½ cup for every 400g of vegetables at the end of cooking, over low heat. AYAM™.

AYAM™ Light Soy (210ml)


A reddish-brown soy sauce with a thin consistency, use to enhance any Asian dish. Commonly used as a substitute for salt, as well as for braising, marinading, steaming, or as.

We Feed You Poached Chicken with Aromatic Rice & Bok Choy (330g) - FROZEN PRODUCT - DELIVERY ONLY


Please note! There is a 5 MEAL MINIMUM that is imposed by the 3rd party meal service. Unfortunately we cannot process orders that don’t meet that minimum, thank you for.

New Chinese Garden Lemon Chicken (420g) - FROZEN PRODUCT, INSTORE PICKUP ONLY


Our Lemon Chicken is made with 100% Australian chicken and is coated in our special blend gluten free flour which ensures an extra crispy coating. Finish with our special blend.

AYAM™ Dark Soy (210ml)


A dark and thick soy sauce with a rich and full-bodied flavour that’s sweeter and less salty than regular soy sauce. Add just a dash for a little extra colour.