We know from experience how damned difficult it is to find low FODMAP gluten & wheat free noodles, and no onion no garlic stir-fry sauces & marinades.

Say YES to Chinese night with our low FODMAP Chinese range, everything in this section is so delicious you won't even remember what you've been missing up until now.


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AYAM™ Vietnamese Dipping Sauce (200ml)


A balance of salty (from fish sauce), spicy, sweet, and sour. Serve with fresh rice paper rolls, fried street snacks, or use as a salad dressing. AYAM™ has banned genetically.

AYAM™ Chilli Sauce (Sweet) (275ml)


Aromatic and sweet, ideal as a dipping sauce or to enhance any stir fry or noodle dish. AYAM™ has banned genetically modified ingredients, preservatives, added MSG and trans-fat in all.

AYAM™ Sweet Soy (210ml)


With a blend of thick, rich, caramel, and savoury, use to add sweetness to any Asian dish. AYAM™ has banned genetically modified ingredients, preservatives, added MSG and trans-fat in all.

We Feed You Chinese Spiced Lamb with Green Veggies, Peanuts, Brown Rice - FROZEN PRODUCT - DELIVERY ONLY


Lamb shoulder slow cooked in cumin and Schezuan spices until tender then shredded through fresh vegetables and fragrant brown rice and topped with peanuts. Please note! There is a 5.

AYAM™ Black Bean Sauce (210ml)


A subtle, savoury cooking sauce that pairs well in steamed dishes, stir-fries, meat-stews, and noodle dishes. Use ¼ cup per 500g of meat. AYAM™ has banned genetically modified ingredients, preservatives,.

AYAM™ Seasoning Sauce (150ml)


A deep, rich, and savoury sauce. Drizzle on eggs, add to stir fries and soups, flavour meats, or use a few drops to enhance any Asian dish. AYAM™ has banned.

AYAM™ Black Pepper Sauce (210ml)


Savoury and sweet with a mild peppery heat. Simply heat through and use as a sauce for meat, fish, or vegetables, or add to stir fries. Use 1 tbsp. AYAM™.

AYAM™ Vegetarian Oyster Sauce (210ml)


Sweet, savoury, and earthy, just like the original, but suitable for vegan diets. Use ½ cup for every 400g of vegetables at the end of cooking, over low heat. AYAM™.

AYAM™ Light Soy (210ml)


A reddish-brown soy sauce with a thin consistency, use to enhance any Asian dish. Commonly used as a substitute for salt, as well as for braising, marinading, steaming, or as.

Chang's Fish Sauce (150ml)


Made from fresh anchovies, this sauce is used extensively in Thai and Vietnamese cooking to enhance the flavours. There isn't any garlic, onion or any other high FODMAP ingredients in this.

We Feed You Poached Chicken with Aromatic Rice & Bok Choy (330g) - FROZEN PRODUCT - DELIVERY ONLY


Please note! There is a 5 MEAL MINIMUM that is imposed by the 3rd party meal service. Unfortunately we cannot process orders that don’t meet that minimum, thank you for.