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Eskal Foods is dedicated to providing high quality gluten free, dairy free, nut free and organic food products.
Have a browse here to find a range of low FODMAP pantry staples you didn't know were low FODMAP!

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Eskal Gluten Free Tea Biscuits Vanilla (200g) Eskal Gluten Free Tea Biscuits Vanilla (200g)

Eskal Gluten Free Tea Biscuits Vanilla (200g)

$5.90 $5.49

It's nice to have a biscuit with a hot cuppa, and when you do, it's reassuring your sweet treat is low FODMAP.  Dunk into your tea, take a bite, and.

Eskal Gluten Free Pretzels (75g)


These aren't your ordinary pretzel! Made specially to meet gluten and low FODMAP requirements for those of us with sensitive tummies, these traditional snacks have been modernly made with corn.

Eskal Spicy & Chunky Tapenade (290g)


A tasty, piquant blend of roasted red peppers, tomatoes and carrots flavoured with aromatic seasonings. It is a typical Eastern European ready dish, which can be used as a vegetarian.

Eskal Waffle Ice Cream Cones 12 pc (132g)


Dairy free and gluten free, without compromising on taste or the all important crunch! These Waffle Cones are a new addition to the Eskal Ice Cream Cone family. Serve with.

Eskal Gluten Free Rice Vermicelli Noodles (400g)


Authentic rice noodles are a delicious and light alternative to wheat noodles and spaghetti. Rice is a low FODMAP grain, therefore it is safe to eat in larger quantities without.

Eskal Ice Cream Original Cones 12 pcs (45g)


This gluten, dairy & wheat free low FODMAP pack of cones will delight children and adults alike! What more could you want this Australian summer, other than lactose-free low FODMAP.

Eskal Mini Soup Croutons (200g) Eskal Mini Soup Croutons (200g)

Eskal Mini Soup Croutons (200g)

$5.99 $5.49

Top your favourite low FODMAP soups confidently, with these lovely mini crunchy soup croutons from Eskal! Whether you like your soups ready-to-eat or made from scratch, get them right every time.

FODKidz Snak Paks (7 or 14 packs)


Tummy friendly lunch box fillers are a thing of the past now, with our Fod Kidz low FODMAP lunch box solutions for busy mums and dads! From soccer training to.