Rick Grant is the leading Gluten Free Chef/Baker and Allergen Friendly food developer in Australia today.

Rick has gained his reputation over the past 25 years through research and development of over 200 delicious products and recipes. Gluten Free and Allergen Friendly Chef and Godfather of Gluten Free Rick Grant has created these new to the market mixes that use premium flour blends without the use of chemicals that most other mixes use to create rise and texture.

Instead, Rick uses a combination of finest quality flours and starches combined with his unique techniques to achieve the best gluten free products available today!

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Rick Grant's Naan Bread Mix (200g)


Rick Grant's famous Naan Bread - low FODMAP and gluten free, these Naan Breads are even better than their wheat-based brothers! Serving suggestion: Pair with Latasha's Kitchen, Mamaji's Homestyle, No Worries.

Rick Grant's Donut Nuggets Mix (220g)


Donut Nuggets Mix - Low FODMAP and gluten free, it honestly couldn't be better than this! Have them plain, fill with jam, dip in dark chocolate or roll in cinnamon & sugar, which.

Rick Grant's Choc Chip Cookie Mix - Includes Choc Chips (420g)


These Cafe Style cookies are truly delicious. Low FODMAP, gluten free chunky mouthfuls of deliciousness for everyone to enjoy. Comes with chocolate chips included - try to stop at one! Serving.

Rick Grant's Chicken Seasoning Mix (80g)


Rick Grant's Chicken Seasoning is quite simply delicious! This is a great family favourite and is low FODMAP and gluten free. Why not try this seasoning? It will become one.

Rick Grant's Fluffy Pikelet Mix (370g)


Fluffy Pikelet Mix - low FODMAP and gluten free! These light and fluffy Pikelets are unlike any other pancake offering as they are fluffy, not 'hockey pucks'! Makes 12 pikelets.

Rick Grant's Wedges Seasoning Mix (80g)


Rick Grant's Wedges Seasoning mix is a great all-purpose mix that can be sprinkled over potato wedges and either deep fried or baked in the oven. You can also sprinkle.

Rick Grant's Yeast Pizza Base Mix (200g)


Pizza Base Mix - unlike any other pizza base out there! Simply follow the instructions and wait for the mix to double in size. Roll out and top with your.

Rick Grant's Tempura Batter Mix (85g)


At last! A light, crisp batter mix ideal for vegetables, prawns, scallops, fish, chicken... in fact anything you want to batter. Simply mix with water, did your food into the.

Rick Grant's Fish Seasoning Mix (80g)


Rick Grant's Fish Seasoning is a delicate blend that includes Australian Lemon Myrtle and adds that delicious flavour without taking away the subtle flavour of the fish. Simply add what.

Rick Grant's Profiterole Mix (215g)


Profiterole Mix! Who would have thought a low FODMAP profiterole mix would ever have been invented! Now you can make delicious Profiteroles, Eclairs or Paris Brest. Follow the instructions on.