Food has always played a central role in our family life. Growing up, weekends were spent gathered around the kitchen table with our extended family, catching up on the week that was while we filled and folded potstickers (a crispy, golden Chinese dumpling), sharing our favourite recipes and flavour combinations.

We believe that every time you eat is an opportunity to nourish your body. A lot of thought has gone into each recipe and sourcing ingredients so that the whole family can enjoy our food, full of wholesome goodness, delicious to your taste buds. It’s the same flavoursome food lovingly made by the same team, just with a new name. We hope that you love our new name as much as we do! 


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House of Goodness Dumpling Pastry Mix (300g)


A unique gluten free dumpling flour mix specially created for dumpling lovers. Make your dumplings to your own taste and dietary requirements with our specially crafted flour mix. Finished dumplings can.

House of Goodness Wonton Wrapper Mix (300g)


A unique gluten free wonton wrapper mix specially created for wonton lovers. This pastry is more delicate than the dumpling mix - giving a smooth silky texture, just as a regular wonton! Delicious.