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Low FODMAP high protein snacks, nutritional supplements and breakfast cereals live here.

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Fodbods Raspberry Coconut (1 x 50g)


These Raspberry Coconut protein bars of bliss are to-die-for! They're fruity and sweet, made from smooth almond butter, real organic raspberries and flavoursome coconut chips. It's lucky they're mini because you.

Fodbods Choc Mint (1 x 30g)


If you love mint slice, you will be OBSESSED with our choc mint Fodbods. All the indulgence, no stress and zero guilt :) We've combined a bunch of healthy ingredients.

Fodbods Lemon & Coconut (1 x 50g)


Fodbods are made with all natural ingredients. They're high in protein, low in sugar, and a good source of unsaturated fats. Best of all, they're FODMAP friendly! Combining the tang of lemon with.