Based on the concept of “Good Food, Good Life” Lum Lum have been providing Certified Organic Thai products since 2010.

The Lum Lum range uses fresh natural ingredients grown on the Chita Organic farm in Lamphun Province, Thailand. All of their raw materials are planted and grown under organic conditions, without the use of chemicals, and using sustainable farming methods.

Made with 100% natural ingredients, Lum Lum is commited to providing high quality products to help you cook incredibly delicious, authentic and easy Thai cuisine at home.

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Lum Lum Organic Sweet & Sour Sauce (200g)


We searched far and wide to find a garlic & onion free sweet & sour sauce for dipping and cooking. This traditional Asian sauce is safely low FODMAP per serve,.

FodShop's Saucy Essentials Pack (2kg) FodShop's Saucy Essentials Pack (2kg)

FodShop's Saucy Essentials Pack (2kg)

$49.95 $56.50

Do you love flavourful sauces, but spend 2 hours in the condiments aisle of the supermarket looking for onion & garlic in everything you pick off the shelves? Gone are.