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Well & Good Vanilla Cup Cake Mix + Frosting & Coloured Sprinkles (510g)


It’s time to get busy in the kitchen with the Well and Good gluten free cup cake mix. Your kids will love these yummy vanilla cupcakes which are moist and.

Well & Good Marble Cake Mix + Choc Frosting (460g)


There’s something special about marble cake that makes it hard to resist. Baking them is so much fun, especially for the kids; you never know how the final cake will.

Well & Good Choc Mousse Cup Cake Mix + Mousse Topping (450g)


A delicious chocolate cupcake that only gets better when you add creamy choc mousse to the top. This is a yummy indulgent snack that will be popular with all ages.

Well & Good Cheesy Mac Wild About Mushroom (110g)


Macaroni & cheesy sauce combine to create one of those classic dishes that's popular for good reason - it's full of flavour, hearty and soul-warming. We're also stoked to say.

Well & Good Multi Purpose Muffin Mix (400g) Well & Good Multi Purpose Muffin Mix (400g)

Well & Good Multi Purpose Muffin Mix (400g)

$6.50 $6.25

Morning Tea can be a tricky time of day. Make it simple with Well & Good’s Gluten Free Muffin Mix. With this product, you can create a huge range of.

Well & Good Choc Banana Bread Mix (375g)

$6.25 Sold out

This is a delicious banana bread mix that is simple to make. Now with 35% less sugar than Well & Good's original banana bread recipe and considerably less sugar than.

Well & Good Crusty Bread Mix + Yeast (410g)


This gluten free, low FODMAP bread mix is also an egg, dairy and soy free mix that kneads and tastes like a real wheat based dough. Baking this bread is simple.

Well & Good Choc Mud Cake Mix + Choc Frosting (475g) Well & Good Choc Mud Cake Mix + Choc Frosting (475g)

Well & Good Choc Mud Cake Mix + Choc Frosting (475g)

$6.50 $6.10

This delish chocolate cake mix is so easy to make and you can be guaranteed there won’t be any left over! This is truly the chocolate lover’s indulgence, best served topped with.

Well & Good Lemon Coconut Cake with Goji Berry Icing (475g)


This is a yummy gluten free lemon cake with sweet creamy coconut and enhanced with goji berry icing. The perfect treat for school lunch boxes or for an at-home snack. This.

Well & Good All Purpose Cake Mix (400g)


One cake mix, countless creations! This basic mix gives you the power to exercise your creative muscle, from low FODMAP carrot cake, to chocolate & zucchini cake and so much more!.

Well & Good Sponge Swiss Roll Mix (400g)

$4.65 Sold out

This magic mix allows you to bake yummy gluten free sponge cake or a Swiss roll. Who doesn't love sweet, sticky jam rolled into a soft, pillowy blanket of fluff? Celebrate.

Well & Good Wholesome Flour Blend (400g)


Use this healthier gluten free & low FODMAP wholesome flour in your favourite recipes to create a more nutritious version of the original.  The Well & Good team have included brown rice flour,.