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Whether you're spreading your toast or topping your treats, our condiments are confident choices!

Many store bought bottled sauces, spreads and toppings are high FODMAP for a range of reasons.

We know from experience that garlic & onion pieces, puree & powders, and 'vegetable extracts' with garlic & onion in them, are present in many condiments like tomato sauces, marinades, herb & spice mixes and spreads.

Common offenders in salad dressings, like Caesar and ranch dressings include milk solids, milk powders, sour cream, and added garlic & onion, making it really difficult to condiment with confidence due to the fructans and lactose.

Add this to the fact that there are many nut & seed butters that contain garlic & onion, and sweet nut butters often contain honey, inulin, and agave to name a few.

Even at the standard serve size of 15-20g, many store-bought condiments & spreads are likely to be high in FODMAPs.

Our spreads & condiments have no added high FODMAP ingredients. None at all at their specified serve sizes. That's why you can trust our tummy friendly food finder!


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Cobram Estate Roasted Onion Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil (250ml)


Palate Distinctive yet delicate roast onion aromas and flavours linger on the palate. Aroma From a subtly sweet caramelised flavour to its FODMAP friendly status, this is a convenient, healthy.

Table of Plenty Macadamia Dukkah (45g)

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The native macadamia nut has a wonderfully smooth and creamy flavour, which compliments the texture and taste of the seeds, herbs and spices used in this lovely low FODMAP mix..

Table of Plenty Asian Black Sesame Salad Sprinkles Dukkah (60g)


Table of Plenty’s Asian Black Sesame Dukkah Salad Sprinkles add crunch and flavour! Sprinkle on a salad to boost the flavour & nutrition and add some extra crunch, give your favourite dip.

Eskal Spicy & Chunky Tapenade (290g)


A tasty, piquant blend of roasted red peppers, tomatoes and carrots flavoured with aromatic seasonings. It is a typical Eastern European ready dish, which can be used as a vegetarian.

Table of Plenty Dark Choc Orange Sweet Dukkah Sprinkles (45g)


Table of Plenty’s Dark Chocolate & Orange Sweet Dukkah Sprinkles add sweetness and crunch, without any added fructose. These Dark Chocolate & Orange Sweet Dukkah Sprinkles contains fine dark chocolate, with a.

Cobram Estate Garlic Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil (250ml)


Palate A harmonious balance of delicate extra virgin and intense garlic-infused oils. The hint of fresh garlic brings a distinctively pungent flavour and pleasant, light aftertaste. Aroma This delicious fusion.

Table of Plenty Almond & Cinnamon Sweet Dukkah Sprinkles (45g)


Table of Plenty's Almond & Cinnamon Sweet Dukkah Sprinkles add sweetness and crunch! Sprinkle on your favourite breakfast cereal instead of sugar, top off your low FODMAP morning fruit & lactose free.

Eskal Mini Soup Croutons (200g) Eskal Mini Soup Croutons (200g)

Eskal Mini Soup Croutons (200g)

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Top your favourite low FODMAP soups confidently, with these lovely mini crunchy soup croutons from Eskal! Whether you like your soups ready-to-eat or made from scratch, get them right every time.