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Whether you're spreading your toast or topping your treats, our condiments are confident choices!

Many store bought bottled sauces, spreads and toppings are high FODMAP for a range of reasons.

We know from experience that garlic & onion pieces, puree & powders, and 'vegetable extracts' with garlic & onion in them, are present in many condiments like tomato sauces, marinades, herb & spice mixes and spreads.

Common offenders in salad dressings, like Caesar and ranch dressings include milk solids, milk powders, sour cream, and added garlic & onion, making it really difficult to condiment with confidence due to the fructans and lactose.

Add this to the fact that there are many nut & seed butters that contain garlic & onion, and sweet nut butters often contain honey, inulin, and agave to name a few.

Even at the standard serve size of 15-20g, many store-bought condiments & spreads are likely to be high in FODMAPs.

Our spreads & condiments have no added high FODMAP ingredients. None at all at their specified serve sizes. That's why you can trust our tummy friendly food finder!


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Eskal Mini Soup Croutons (200g) Eskal Mini Soup Croutons (200g)

Eskal Mini Soup Croutons (200g)

$5.99 $5.49

Top your favourite low FODMAP soups confidently, with these lovely mini crunchy soup croutons from Eskal! Whether you like your soups ready-to-eat or made from scratch, get them right every time.