Who are we?

We're Jake and Rachel and we're the founders of FOD Seasonings.

In 2018 Rachel discovered that she was suffering from IBS. 

We LOVE onion and garlic, but we quickly learned that they need to be avoided as part of a low FODMAP diet.

Looking around the supermarket for seasoning mixes without onion or garlic, we realised that it's really hard to find anything which is IBS friendly.

So we decided to make some ourselves.

After experimenting with a range of different recipes, we began to settle on some mixes which we could use with our favourite meals.

In 2020 we decided to set up FOD Seasonings to make IBS friendly seasoning mixes available to everyone.

We launched our store in early 2021 with our first three mixes: MasalaMediterranean, and Tex-Mex.

What makes us different?

We design all of our products with a few things in mind.


We want all of our seasoning mixes to be IBS friendly with real flavour.

We think it's important to enjoy eating, preparing, and sharing food on a low FODMAP diet.


Following a low FODMAP diet shouldn't be boring. 

We've designed our seasoning mixes to fit with a wide range of cuisines.


Using a food diary to track your triggers can often be the first step to leading a healthier lifestyle. 

In fact, many IBS sufferers find that heavily-processed food is a trigger for their IBS! 

We want to encourage everyone to learn how to cook healthy, IBS friendly food from scratch.

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