Foddies Low FODMAP Tomato Salsa (350g)


The impossible has been made possible, with this flavoursome full-bodied tomato salsa from Foddies. This pantry staple condiment is paired perfectly with home-made nachos, burritos, fajitas and more. Why not.

Foddies Low FODMAP Bolognese Sauce (350g)


A no garlic no onion and fructose friendly bolognese sauce is just what the fast-paced FODMAPper needs on a busy night.  When you can't be bothered to cook from scratch,.

Foddies Tomato Relish (350g)


At last! A low FODMAP relish product without any garlic or onion. It's no longer a dream, thanks to Foddies Low FODMAP Relish.  This delightfully tasty, zingy relish will delight.

Foddies Rogan Josh (350g)


The second Rogan Josh in the FodShop Rogan Range has arrived! No onion or garlic, fructose friendly and utterly delicious, this curry in a hurry is just what the gastro.

Foddies Napoli Sauce (350g)


Low FODMAP Napoli Sauce? Yes please! This sauce is your new no garlic no onion go-to pantry staple, going great on a pizza or a parma, or with your favourite low.

Foddies Butter Chicken (350g)


The deliciousness of Butter Chicken has been brought to you by the low FODMAP food experts at Foddies, thanks to this onion & garlic free number! Add your favourite meat,.