An Introduction to Sunfiber - Is Sunfiber a Prebiotic?

An Introduction to Sunfiber - Is Sunfiber a Prebiotic?

Written by Shaynie Ashkenazi, FodShop Nutritionist, BSc. MHumNutr.

Sunfiber is a prebiotic fiber that is unique compared to other non-galactomannan based fibres (locust bean gum, fenugreek, guar gum etc..).

A prebiotic fibre is a type of fibre that produces “short chain fatty acids” (SCFA) in the gut via fermentation. The rate of production of SCFAs is very important, because if fermentation occurs rapidly i.e. in the case of inulin and other soluble fibres, the result is excess flatulence & bloating. 

The fermentation process that Sunfiber undergoes in the gut is extremely slow, resulting in a higher total amount of SCFAs that are produced over a longer period of time, leading to much less bloating, gas, and discomfort.

Want to learn more? Watch the below videos to learn about how Sunfiber assists in helping you maintain good gut health:


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