Low FODMAP Supermarket Hacks!

Low FODMAP Supermarket Hacks!

Written by Lisa Kunstler, FodShop Nutritionist and Group Fitness Instructor

When starting on the low FODMAP diet, it can be super confusing and difficult to navigate the supermarket.

Reading endless labels trying to avoid garlic and onion can get tiring! That's why I've put together a list of my favourite low FODMAP finds to help you on your next trip to Coles or Woolworths. 


The most important meal of the day!

Fuel up on the right foods for energy & vitality. The key is to feel full and stay feeling full until mid morning.

I often opt for yummy porridge, like Uncle Toby's traditional oats. Oats are full soluble fibre, and they have cholesterol-lowering benefits.

If you don't have any oats on hand, try a gluten & wheat free Kellogg's breakfast cereal, like Kellogg's Rice Bubbles or Cornflakes. Try adding low FODMAP fruits like semi-ripe banana, berries and/or a dollop of Greek Yogurt on top for a protein and calcium boost.

NOTE: When choosing a breakfast cereal, ensure there are no other added dried fruits, chicory root fibre, inulin, or high fructose sweeteners added like honey, as these are a source of fructans and/or excess fructose, which may upset the tummy for people with fructose malabsorption.

Enjoy your cereal with one cup of any of So Good's milks and maple syrup for added sweetness!


When it's lunch time, I often opt for a quick and easy sandwich.

When choosing bread slices or rolls, look for a gluten free bread wholemeal or whole grain variety which does not contain soy flour.

I select a lean protein (ham, chicken, pariser etc.), hard cheese, and pair it with iceberg lettuce, slice of tomato and mayo - all products that are low FODMAP!


My personal favourite time of the day is snack time, and I love to enjoy a piece of fruit.

A common misconception is that all fruit is eliminated on a low FODMAP diet!

This is not true, with heaps of fruits to choose from such as 1 medium semi-ripe banana, citrus fruits, a handful of grapes, 5 strawberries, and 1/4 cup raspberries are all FODMAP-safe.

Just make sure to check what serving sizes are recommended on the Monash University Low FODMAP Diet app.

Liddell's Lactose Free Yoghurt is another great option in plain or strawberry flavour. Plain rice crackers with peanut butter are a personal favourite!



When it's been a busy day, the quickest dinner to prepare is a stir fry.

Requiring little ingredients or cooking skills, stir-fries are great options and can be easily made low FODMAP.

Chicken breast, Chang's vermicelli noodles, Chang's soy sauce, Ayam's oyster sauce, and a mixed veggie pack (I chose the Woolworths Rainbow Slaw). Make sure to avoid high FODMAP veggies like celery, cabbage and sweet corn where possible. 


Gelativo Lemon and Lime sorbet or any of the So Good ice creams that are lactose / dairy free are a great option! Super yummy treats to end the low FODMAP day right.

Final thoughts

It can be super overwhelming starting on a low FODMAP diet but it's easier than you think! With these simple hints and tricks, you'll be navigating the supermarket in no time to find delicious low FODMAP foods that you love.

If anything's missing, FodShop has got you covered for all of your low FODMAP food needs.

Check out the link to the online store HERE or visit our store in Cheltenham at Factory 5, 30-32 Christensen Street, Cheltenham VIC.



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