Year 2022 Product Round-Up: FodShop's Top 5 Products

Year 2022 Product Round-Up: FodShop's Top 5 Products

Written by Lisa Kunstler, FodShop Nutritionist, Personal Trainer, and Group Fitness Instructor

FodShop's Top 5 Products for the Year

To count down the final moments of 2022, we want to celebrate by listing this year's top selling products to decipher the FodKing of low FODMAPs as decided by you! We've collated our FodSquad's top products this year and what makes them so great. 


Coming in 5th place we have FreeFod onion and garlic powders!

FreeFod's onion and garlic powders are a personal favourite and it seems the FodSquad were on the same train of thought. They're easily mixed in to your cooking as a substitute for onion and garlic, with the same real and delicious, smell and taste.

Whilst FreeFod's don't have onion and garlic in them, making them a great low FODMAP option, they do have garlic and onion alliums that make it taste the same but without fructans! And you only need a teaspoon to equal the same amount of flavour as a garlic clove or medium sized onion. 

Close in 4th position is Regular Girl!

Regular girl prebiotic fibre was an easy choice for our FodSquad, with its added probiotic benefit. The probiotic bifidobacterium lactis replenishes the good gut bacteria and nourishes the gut microbiome to alleviate symptoms of constipation and diarrhoea. Regular Girl is also the only fibre supplement on the market to provide this pro- and pre-biotic benefit in a single blend!

In lucky third, we have Element Gold!

Element Gold is a great meal replacement option, especially for our Crohn's and IBD customers. It provides essential nutrients like vitamins and minerals in elemental form, to allow them to be easily and quickly digested in the body without having to break down food to access them. 

Second place goes to Sunfiber!

 Sunfiber was a close winner, coming in strong second place. The prebiotic fibre is the gold standard on the market, with the strongest evidence for relieving bloating and managing IBS constipation by increasing healthy gut bacteria. Additionally, it reduces glycaemic index to control blood glucose levels and keeps you fuller for longer after meals. 

And the 2022, FodKing Crown goes to... FODZYME!

The FodKing is crowned in first place as the 2022 best selling product and it's obvious as to why! With it's enzymatic supplement effect, the FODZYME powder is able to digest FODMAPs that the body cannot, making for a happy gut. It's clear why all of our FodSquad couldn't stop talking about it!


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