Celebrating Chinese New Year on the Low FODMAP Diet

Celebrating Chinese New Year on the Low FODMAP Diet

Written by Lisa Kunstler, FodShop Nutritionist, Personal Trainer, and Group Fitness Instructor

How to Eat Low FODMAP Asian Cuisines

Happy Chinese New Year!

This year, its the Year of the Rabbit, and to celebrate, we want to run over our top tips for eating your favourite low FODMAP Asian foods.

With onion, garlic, and wheat playing an important role in Asian cuisines, we've collated some tips to get you through, with the help of the Low FODMAP Monash University App.


  1. Always check the sauces! Ask if the sauces include onion, garlic or artificial sweeteners (polyols), and if so, opt for low FODMAP sauces like soy or oyster.
  2. Try rice based dishes instead of noodles to avoid wheat.
  3. If spring onion is in the dish, ask for the green tops only as these are a good low FODMAP option


  1. Most vegetarian and seafood options are prepared fresh. Ask if they can be made fresh and low FODMAP to cater towards your dietary needs.  
  2. Curry paste bases can be high in onion, shallots and other FODMAPs. Ask the restaurant ahead of time if there are any low FODMAP options available.


    1. Rice vermicelli or paper rolls are great low FODMAP options with some type of lean meat or firm tofu. Just make sure to ask for no onion in the salads or rolls. 
    2. Buns are low FODMAP but ask for sauces to come separately and meat that is not marinated in onion or garlic. 


    1. Serving sizes are usually smaller in Japanese cuisines, allowing for high FODMAP ingredients to be better tolerated. This could be, for example, avocado in a sushi roll.  
    2. Soy and wasabi are great low FODMAP ingredients to add flavour to your dishes. 
    3. Sushi, sashimi and tempura are low FODMAP options if you ask for condiments on the side.
    4. Rice noodles, lean meats, firm tofu and vegetables/rice/seaweed are good low FODMAP options.


    1. Stir-fry is a better option than curry, which often has high FODMAP ingredients. Ask for without onion and garlic.  
    2. Low FODMAP options include steamed jasmine rice, firm tofu, and mild chilli. 
    3. Some low FODMAP vegetables for stir-fry include capsicum, green beans, and carrot.


    1. Korean BBQ is a great idea for low FODMAP options, as the food is cooked in front of you and you can make choices as to which ingredients are included in your meal. Avoid onion and garlic.

    Final Thoughts

    This list should get you through the holiday period but, if all else fails, try an enzymatic supplement like FODZYME or Intoleran. These supplements break down complex sugars into more easily digestible ones for a happy tummy! Enjoy all your favourite foods: dumplings, stir fry, honey soy chicken, and all Asian foods this new year!

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