Break Down the Barriers to the Foods You Love

Break Down the Barriers to the Foods You Love

As you may be a smidge too familiar with the low FODMAP diet, you will know how impossible it may seem at times. Worst thing, no matter the support that exists out there, it can feel rather lonely. But the fact is - over 700 million people are currently in the same boat. That’s how many of us have been struggling to enjoy common nutritious foods because of their interaction with our gut.

You may also know that the foods in question contain FODMAPs, a family of fermentable carbs that can trigger gut symptoms, particularly in people with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome, also known as something we’d all like to forget).

Those of us who have bounced from doctor to doctor will know that after countless tests, visits, and consultations, the best you can get is “learn to live with it” advice. Health professionals traditionally recommend the low-FODMAP diet as a solution, which has been effective for up to 86% of patients with IBS. But the truth is, while it can bring results, it is really restrictive.

A direct approach to FODMAPs

Anjie Liu, the co-founder of Kiwi Biosciences, a Boston-based biotech startup, was once one of those people. When Anjie was recommended to go on the low-FODMAP diet by her gastroenterologist in 2015, she was bombarded with the fact that FODMAPs are everywhere, especially in her favourite foods.

But, instead of accepting the fact of the matter and avoiding a ton of delicious and nutritious foods, Anjie decided to shake things up by using a targeted approach to address FODMAPs directly.

FODZYME’s unique enzyme formula

Low-FODMAP certified by Monash University, FODZYME is a unique enzyme supplement that addresses FODMAPs directly to make food painless. When sprinkled on or mixed with high-FODMAP meals, FODZYME’s enzyme blend breaks down the FODMAP molecules fructan, galacto-oligosaccharides, and lactose into more digestible simple sugars, helping you savour every bite.

Made with all-natural ingredients, the formula is elegant and effective. Its powder form lets the enzymes integrate directly with your food and break down FODMAPs before they even reach your gut, let alone cause any trouble.

The unique part, however, isn’t only in the form of its administration. What truly sets FODZYME apart is the inulinase - an enzyme that breaks down fructan, most commonly found in garlic, onion, wheat and many more delicious foods (as if garlic wasn’t already in everything!).

One thing to keep in mind is that the current FODZYME formula does not yet address polyols—the P of FODMAPs. Not to worry, though - they have it in the works and under development (so stay tuned).

Clinical efficacy

With a polyol-specific solution in development, Kiwi Biosciences is advancing novel enzyme technologies to address all FODMAPs. Through both in-vivo and in-vitro trials, their clinical team has gathered promising data showing significant efficacy when FODZYME™ was administered compared to placebo.

It was demonstrated that with FODZYME, less than 10% of fructan remains in the stomach after 30 minutes (through an in-vitro model).

The clinical team at Kiwi Biosciences has tested FODZYME's efficacy through SHIME®, a scientifically validated model of a human gut. A dose of FODZYME was added together with 3g of inulin (a common source of fructan) to see how effectively FODZYME’s inulinase breaks down fructan.

They assessed lactase and alpha-galactosidase in a separate control arm to verify the specificity of inulinase in fructan hydrolysis.

What they discovered is that fructan was rapidly broken into simple fructose with ~90% of the inulin degraded within 30 minutes. The study also showed that 70% of fructose was absorbed during the simulated small intestinal transit, therefore reducing gas.

They also found that SCFA (short-chain fatty acids) production was reduced but not depleted. What this means is that FODZYME’s enzymatic approach may be more favorable to overall colonic health than avoiding FODMAPs altogether.

For a more in-depth look at the science behind FODZYME, have a look at their recent clinical brief for a sure way to geek out on the enzymatic approach to FODMAPs.

The story behind FODZYME

What started as a DIY self-trial for Anjie herself, grew into a unique solution for everyone wishing they could enjoy simple things like garlic and onion - just like Anjie.

Developed with a group of world-class experts in enzymology, biotechnology, medicine, and nutrition, FODZYME was released to the world in Spring 2021, shortly after Anjie joined forces with her co-founder David Hachuel, who has spent the last few years helping folks suffering from gut disorders with digital tools. Together with a young team, they truly believe that everyone can savour their life with confidence.

Above all, the team at FODZYME knows we all deserve to enjoy delicious and nutritious food, confident in the future free from consequences or chronic gut distress.

Since FODZYME recently received its Monash low-FODMAP certification, the magic powder is now entering the Australian market. The best part is that FODZYME is now available directly from FodShop, eliminating the hefty delivery times all the way from the American East Coast. Try FODZYME for yourself with a test kit - and start enjoying your favourite foods with confidence.


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