Low FODMAP Breakfast Ideas from The Dietologist

Low FODMAP Breakfast Ideas from The Dietologist

Written by Stefanie Valakas APD - Accredited Practising Dietitian & Accredited Nutritionist

Starting your day off well with a nourishing and satisfying breakfast is important, however, when going low FODMAP, keeping up some variety can be tricky!

Low FODMAP Cereal

There’s nothing better than digging into a bowl of fibre-rich cereal to start your day. Finding a low FODMAP cereal with the Monash FODMAP logo (blue) or the FODMAP Friendly Program logo (green) usually in the health food aisle of your local supermarket.

Be sure to check any gluten-free breakfast cereals for other high FODMAP-containing ingredients such as honey.

Also, checking out some gluten-free cereal options and making your own can be another option using oats, puffed brown rice, quinoa flakes and drizzling with maple syrup, extra virgin olive oil and adding FODMAP-friendly flavourings such as orange and cacao.

Or, save yourself the hassle and pick up Nourished by Carms Original Fruit Free Granola or goodMix Superfoods Blend11. Simply add some FODMAP-friendly milk, and fruit (such as strawberries) for a balanced and delicious breakfast.


Pancakes are a lazy weekend family favourite topped with maple syrup, lactose-free or another FODMAP-friendly yoghurt and delicious fruits such as kiwifruit, a few raspberries, strawberries with a few blueberries. If you are looking for a quick shake and mix, there are plenty of options on FODShop! You can try the Orgran Buckwheat Pancake Mix or the Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free Pancake Mix for a quick and easy FODMAP-friendly Sunday breakfast.

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Whilst instant or quick oats at ½ cup cooked contain a moderate amount of oligo-fructans and GOS, the whole rolled oat is low FODMAP. It may take a bit longer to cook in the microwave or on the stovetop but the result is a creamy and delicious bowl that you can flavour with some maple syrup, seasonal FODMAP friendly fruit and top with a spoonful of 100% peanut butter!

Stock up on rolled oats with Kialla Pure Foods 5 kg bag of organic rolled oats, for all your breakfast needs!

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Chia Pudding

Chia seeds are FODMAP-friendly and are rich in fibre, plant omega-3s and contain plant-based protein! Simply soak some chia seeds in low FODMAP milk overnight and flavour with a little maple syrup or fresh fruit and some orange zest for a delicious on the go breakfast. Add a dollop of FODMAP-friendly yoghurt for a thick & creamy consistency.

Low FODMAP toasted sandwich

If you are looking for a savoury breakfast idea, grabbing two slices of low FODMAP bread and adding some tomato and cheese or peanut butter and FODMAP-friendly jam, can be a quick and easy breakfast when you’re short on time. Get creative with fillings!

Eggs & Veggies

Whether it’s poached eggs, an omelette with some spring onion tops, red capsicum, baby spinach and feta cheese or a baked egg & vegetable muffin. Eggs pack a perfect protein punch for breakfast and are so versatile!

Pairing eggs with vegetables helps you get a head-start on your 5-6 serves of vegetables a day, which is important to help maintain your fibre intake which can be compromised on a low FODMAP diet, opting for wholegrains and including FODMAP friendly fruits and vegetables across your day will help ensure you keep your gut health in its best shape possible throughout the substitution and challenge phases of the diet!

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