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At Carman’s we believe food should come from the kitchen, not the chemist. We believe in being proud of our ingredients with no need to hide them in fine print. We believe nuts and seeds enrich our wellbeing. We believe in Australian made and Australian owned. We believe that once you’ve tried Carman’s, you will love it.

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Carman's Original Fruit free Muesli Bars (6 Bars, 270g)

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It’s simply Carman's muesli in a bar! Chock full of Australian wholegrain oats, crunchy nuts, wholesome seeds and cinnamon, you’d best squirrel these fruit-free bars away for yourself! Serving size:.

Carman's Original Fruit Free Muesli (500g)


Simple yet so delicious, Carman’s Original Fruit Free Muesli blends crispy baked Australian whole grain oats with a generous serve of crunchy almonds, pecans, pepitas and a hint of cinnamon.