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Naturally Good Munchy Muesli Cookies Chocolate Chip (160g)


These cookie twin-packs are perfect for kids' lunchboxes, as a handbag treat, or with a nice hot cuppa tea (with lactose-free milk, of course!), plus they're also FODMAP friendly! Add.

NOGO Eggplant Pickle (260g)


Pickle fans rejoice! We’ve paired traditional Indian spices with eggplant and tomato, to create a pickle all curry fans can enjoy. Great served with cheddar cheese, on top of a.

Orgran Self Raising Flour (500g)


Orgran Self Raising Flour is specially selected natural ingredients. This product has been developed with similar functional properties to wheat flour to ensure ease of use in most recipes. Versatile.

Diego's GoMex White Corn Tortilla 10 pack (280g)


Diego's GoMex tortillas are fun and healthy offering an authentic Mexican street food flavour. Suitable for family and friends to enjoy together, join us in exploring the variety of meals.

Piranha SNAPS Active Probiotic Smokehouse BBQ (50g)


Finally, a low FODMAP chip-style snack you can eat! Delicious BBQ flavour plus probiotics to keep your gut health in check, these guys really are snacking re-thought!  Coming in 3.

Roza's Gourmet Nut Free Pesto (240ml)

Available in :


Made with a whole bunch of fresh basil leaves in every jar, this sauce is a pesto lover’s dream! A FODMAP friendly, garlic, onion and nut free variation, it is.

Lewis & Son Natural Aussie Snag (450g)


The average Aussie snag has become a cheap and nasty product over the years by manufacturers using inferior quality scraps of meat loaded up with un-natural additives. That's why Lewis &.

Foddies Butter Chicken (350g)


The deliciousness of Butter Chicken has been brought to you by the low FODMAP food experts at Foddies, thanks to this onion & garlic free number! Add your favourite meat,.

Irresistible Lollies Milk Bottles (160g)


Everybody loves milk bottles! A childhood favourite that's close to everyone's heart, this time round' it's more reassuring knowing this delicious pack of lolls are also low FODMAP! Fantastic for.

Rick Grant's Donut Nuggets Mix (220g) Rick Grant's Donut Nuggets Mix (220g)

Rick Grant's Donut Nuggets Mix (220g)


Donut Nuggets Mix - Low FODMAP and gluten free, it honestly couldn't be better than this! Have them plain, fill with jam, dip in dark chocolate or roll in cinnamon & sugar, which.

FODMAPPED Red Wine & Italian Herbs Tomato Pasta Sauce (375g)


A delicious blend of tomato, red wine and Italian herbs, including thyme, oregano and basil. This pasta sauce is a nutritious, quick and easy meal to prepare when served with.

Naturally Good Products Munchy Muesli Cookies Brownie Chomp Muesli (160g)


Munchy Muesli Cookies combine delicious flavours with super grain goodness. These cookie twin-packs are great portions for kids' lunchboxes, a portable handbag treat, or with a nice hot cuppa tea (with lactose-free.

Celebrate Health Organic Chicken Chia & Sweetcorn Soup (400g)


Yum! Finally another ready-to-eat soup for FODMAPpers to enjoy on-the-go! This high fibre, flavoursome pouch of perfection will delight any day or night, or lunch, dinner or anywhere in between - it's.

Eskal Oil Free Italian Dressing (300ml)


Italian Dressing to the rescue for all your favourite side salads! Bring that zing back to your meals with a salad dressing that's the real deal - no onion or.

X50 Broccoli Chips Sea Salt (60g)


Increase your vegetable intake with these X50 Broccoli Chips made from real broccoli! If you're craving the crunch and wanting to up your vegetable intake, these are a great on-the-go solution..

Forbidden Foods Brekky Rice - Black Rice, Honey & Cinnamon Organic Instant Rice Pudding (125g)


Forbidden® Brekky Rice is a certified organic, gluten free, dairy free, tasty, low-in-fat breakfast that is ready in 45 seconds! A easy way to kick off the day, just add.

Massel Premium Gravy Powder Traditional Brown (130g)


Massel are bringing back Real Gravy flavour! Massel takes the finest quality ingredients and blends them with care to make a premium gravy that delivers amazing results whilst being suitable.

Fody Foods Low FODMAP Caesar Salad Dressing (240g) Fody Foods Low FODMAP Caesar Salad Dressing (240g)

Fody Foods Low FODMAP Caesar Salad Dressing (240g)


Lettuce eat! Dress up any meal with mouthwatering flavor. Our Low FODMAP Caesar salad dressing features extra virgin olive oil, expeller-pressed sunflower oil, Himalayan pink sea salt, raw organic cane sugar.

Mingle Seasoning Butter Chicken (30g)


Butter chicken seasoning without any onion or garlic? Heck yes! DIY your favourite Indian meal with confidence, this blend of fragrant spices works wonderfully with your own home made butter.

Irresistible Lollies Jelly Beans (160g)


Sometimes you get a sugar craving, and when it hits, make sure it's a low FODMAP option like these delicious jelly beans! Great for kids parties, to have in the.

Irresistible Lollies Snakes (160g) Irresistible Lollies Snakes (160g)

Irresistible Lollies Snakes (160g)

$4.10 $4.65

Sometimes you get a sugar craving, and when it hits, make sure it's a low FODMAP option like these jelly snake favourites! Great for kids parties, to have in the.

Massel 7's Chicken Style Stock Cubes, No Garlic No Onion (35g)


Massel's handy pocket-sized seven packs of low FODMAP, gluten-free stock cubes are perfect as a quick healthy snack for people on the go. 7’s stock cubes are low FODMAP, gluten-free,.

Well & Good Choc Mousse Cup Cake Mix + Mousse Topping (450g)


A delicious chocolate cupcake that only gets better when you add creamy choc mousse to the top. This is a yummy indulgent snack that will be popular with all ages.

Mamee Rice Sticks Cheese Flavour 10 pk (200g)


Are you looking for the perfect lunchbox filler for the kiddies? How about a FODMAP friendly one too? Look no further than these deliciously crunchy cheese flavoured sticks that'll certainly do the.

Yes You Can Red Velvet Cupcake Mix + Frosting (450g)


Yes You Can Red Velvet Cupcake Mix was made especially for those following gluten free diets. This time round' we're also pleased that those following a FODMAP diet can eat.