Inspired by the globalization of regional cuisines and the fusion cuisines that have united different cultures with flavor, Woodridge Snacks searches the world for the very best ingredients and techniques. Our discoveries become guiltless delicacies for you to enjoy every day.

From the tropical farms of Asia, the mountains of South America or the rustic heartland of America, the best ingredients deliver the best flavors. Our flavor experts are combing the world for taste sensations that will become delicious Woodridge Snacks. Low fat and low calorie, Woodridge Snacks brings big flavor indulgences that can be enjoyed daily.

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Christmas Treats N' Sweets Hamper


Now we know that everything can be eaten in moderation, so when choosing your mindful portions of sweets and 'sometimes' foods this Christmas, get rest assurance with these low FODMAP.

Woodridge Snacks Sticky Rice Chips Seaweed (80g)


The Woodridge Sticky Rice Chips are savoury treats made with sticky rice grains harvested from sustainable fields, popped to perfection until airy crisp, then seasoned with mouth watering flavours. They.