At Germinal Organic, quality begins at the roots. We combine 100% organic ingredients to bring you genuinely delicious foods.

Our mission is simple: to care for our customers by producing gluten-free, organic food products that are nutritious and delicious. Every product we develop is crafted with the goal of providing a healthy snack that combines Non-GMO ingredients and delicious flavors!

The good news is, Germinal Organic also have low FODMAP approved food products! Find them here at FodShop.

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Germinal Organic Choc Chip Cookies (150g)

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With chips made from real cocoa butter, these chocolate chip cookies taste as good as any you’ve had before – and with nutritious, gluten-free quinoa flour in place of wheat,.

Germinal Organic Chocolate Cream Bars (6 Pack, 180g)


A delicious combination of organic quinoa flour with a creamy chocolate and Hazelnut filling makes these chocolate bars a sweet low FODMAP gluten-free treat. Serving size: One bar (30g) is.