MSPrebiotics Inc. is rapidly becoming an industry leader in the research and development of prebiotics. We have refined our products through a proprietary process and developed them for a variety of different markets.


To Re-New, Re-Energize, & Re-Store digestive health and overall well-being using our state-of-the-art manufacturing process, and to continue to develop innovative, high-quality prebiotic products that are supported by world-class clinical research.


To empower positive change in human health & wellness, and be recognized by customers and industry peers as an innovator and trusted supplier of prebiotics.

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Add Christmas Gift Wrap - $5.00


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MSPrebiotic - Flavourless Powder, Natural Energy & Fiber Supplement (454g)

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MSPrebiotic® replenishes the body by renewing the healthy microflora in the digestive tract. As healthy microflora feed on MSPrebiotic®, they replicate and increase in numbers, crowding out harmful bacteria while.