We’re proudly Australian made and family owned since 1898. Today with over 115 years of food industry knowledge and experience we develop, manufacture and supply innovative flavours and ingredients to the food industry.  Our product capabilities include wet and dry products in the form of marinades, food coatings, spices/seasonings, essences, premixes, stuffing mixes, sausage meals and more! We provide both sweet or savoury flavour solutions. With a strong focus on taste, technology and quality our products are versatile and unique within the marketplace. Explore our online shop or for special mixes (customer specific products) please contact us we’d love to share our passion and help you with your next project.

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Corona Foods Low FODMAP Chipotle Maple Shaker (120g)


Mellow sugared notes of maple and bell peppers tango with earthy chipotle warmth and fresh green herbs. A fiesta of flavour for meat dishes, this rub is how sweet and.

Corona Foods Low FODMAP Lemon Herb Shaker (120g)


A classic blend of parsley and coriander mingling with vibrant lemon oil and lemon peel. Take your meat & tofu dishes to mouth-watering heights with this love letter to all.