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Cobs Popcorn is made with the purest of ingredients using traditional cooking methods. From the first batch, the Cobs rules have stayed the same: absolutely nothing artificial, the very best organic and natural ingredients and made in small batches in a dedicated nut-free facility.

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Cobs Lightly Salted, Slightly Sweet Popcorn (120g)


Cobs famous lightly salted, slightly sweet popcorn was the first flavour combination on the Australian market & today Cobs are famous for it. The delicious sweet & salty balance will make you polish.

Cobs Best Ever Butter Popcorn (100g)


Premium quality corn popped and seasoned with the goodness of real butter, sunflower oil and just the right amount of salt to provide that traditional buttery popcorn taste we all.

Cobs Popcorn Cheddar Cheese (100g)


For serious cheese lovers, it’s time to try this authentic taste sensation.There is nothing better or well-loved than cheesy popcorn and Cobs is generously seasoned with a delicious and natural cheddar.

Cobs By The Sea Salt Corn Chips (168g)


Crunchy corn chips with chia and quinoa make for a nutrition snack any time of day. Pair these with Foddies low FODMAP salsa, whip up some low FODMAP hummus and.

Cobs Sea Salt & Cider Vinegar Popcorn (100g)


When you’re next in the mood for a tasty, wholesome snack, open a bag of Cobs Sea Salt & Cider Vinegar popcorn. A traditional Aussie favourite, Sea Salt & Cider.