Life's too short to be wasting time with additives: concentrate on the good things, like our hand crafted, small batch nut butters made from nothing but the finest, tastiest and most wholesome dry roasted Australian nuts ground fresh right here in Melbourne.We are firm believers that the art of raw goodness is in the grind so the only thing we add is the jar.

Alfie's Nut Butters are your go-to spreadable foodstuffs for any nourishing meal. As healthy as they are tasty, Alfie’s delicious nut butters will make your guilt-free snacks a positive experience and still be waiting for you on your cheat-day. They are the ornament of any self-respecting breakfast, the secret ingredient in all your famous garnishes and sauces, and tucked in between two thick slices of rustic wholegrain bread, they are the perfect bedfellows for grandmaw's homemade jams and fruit preserves.

Here at Alfie's we're passionate about experimentation, but science has yet to find a meal that isn't significantly improved by a generous dollop of our golden nut butters.

Love, Alfie & The Team! 

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Alfie's Food Co. Smooth Peanut Butter (300g, 500g or 800g)


Thousands of students worldwide have demonstrated that a person can, and perhaps should, subsist off peanut butter alone. Alfie's classic smooth peanut butter is for those sick of wasting precious.

Alfie's Food Co. Almond Butter (250g, 500g or 800g)


Make your toast a little bit special this morning with the little brown jewel the book of Genesis calls 'the best of fruits'. If almond is your thing you'll be.

Alfie's Food Co. Almond & Pistachio Butter (250g)


Introducing Alfie's Almond & Pistachio butter! Like no other on the Aussie market, this nut butter is a serious crowd pleaser! Everyone loves pistachio nuts, but no one knows how.

Alfie's Food Co. Cashew Butter (250g)


Alfie's All Natural Dry Roasted Cashew is for the nut butter 'power user'. You've wasted enough of your life on chewing, why strain your teeth when you can let the.

Alfie's Food Co. Crunchy Peanut Butter (300g, 500g or 800g)


For those who like it rough. If you like a bit of texture on your toast, you'll get a kick out of feeling your knife rumble as you spread it along..

Alfie's Food Co. Almond, Brazil & Cashew (ABC) Butter (250g)


A deliciously nutritious way to get in all the nutrients from nuts, without upsetting those guts! Introducing Alfie's Almond, Brazil and Cashew Butter, the perfect combo for the nut-loving LoFo.

Alfie's Food Co. Organic Almond Butter (250g)


From soil to stomach, sleep easy knowing you've made the right choices with Alfie's All Natural Organic Almond Butter. Made from nothing but the finest Australian grown organic almonds, dry.