Top 5 Low FODMAP Products to Host this Christmas!

Top 5 Low FODMAP Products to Host this Christmas!

Written by Lisa Kunstler, FodShop Nutritionist, Group Fitness Instructor, and Personal Trainer

Christmas can be a busy time of year!

FodShop has made it easy to prepare Christmas lunches and dinners to share with your family and friends by listing our top low FODMAP Christmas products.

Low FODMAP Christmas Pudding

Our low FODMAP Xmas puddings are some of our favourite and they come in three convenient sizes available ranging from individual to family sized servings! Pudding People's puddings are available in 100g, 300g and 500g sizes.


Orgran and Well & Good have some delicious and easy to prep custards to go with your Xmas puddings and desserts! Try Orgran Instant Custard or Well & Good Vanilla Custard Powder.

Cranberry Sauce and Mint Jelly

NOGO Cranberry Sauce and Masterfood's Mint Jelly are the perfect addition to your Christmas stuffed turkey! Pair your sauce with our turkey stuffing recipe available HERE

Traditional Gravy

Christmas chicken or turkey goes best with a scrumptious gravy to add flavour to your roasts. Try the Bay's Kitchen, Gravox, or Massel gravies available in three flavours including traditional brown, chicken, and supreme demi-glace. 


What is a better way to finish off Christmas lunch than with a homemade, gluten free dessert? Try our low FODMAP trifle which includes Schar Savoiardi's Biscuits, Well & Good Whipping Cream and Vanilla Custard Powder. 


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