UNCLE TOBYS is a name that is synonymous with health, good nutrition, sun, surf and a vitality for life, for over 120 years. We started milling oats back in 1893, with the first UNCLE TOBYS Oats product introduced to the market by Clifford Love and Co in Sydney. It entered the homes and hearts of Australian families and we haven’t looked back since providing Australians with a vast range of nutritious and delicious breakfast cereals and snacks to help nourish the active Australian lifestyle. This is the UNCLE TOBYS story.

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Uncle Toby's Quick Sachets - Original (340g)


Uncle Toby's Oats Quick Sachets are easy and tasty for busy mornings. Giving you all the goodness of wholegrain oats, they’re also super-easy to prepare. Just add low FODMAP nut.

Uncle Toby's Traditional Oats (500g)


Uncle Toby's Traditional Oats have been enjoyed by generations of Aussies since 1893. The 100% Australian-grown oats are nature’s superfood, rich in wholesome flavour and contains beta-glucan to help naturally lower your.

Uncle Toby's Quick Oats (500g)


Uncle Toby's Quick Oats are a natural superfood. Made from 100% Australian wholegrain oats, they are a source of low FODMAP fibre, containing beta-glucan which helps lower cholesterol re-absorption^. Lower.