San Elk is a small food manufacturing family business based in West Footscray, Melbourne. We specialise in producing premium quality handcrafted certified organic food products.

Food has always been an important part of our lives, growing up we remember waking up to the smell of our parents cooking. Our parents would get up early in the morning to prepare meals for the day and we couldn’t leave the house until each meal was finished.

We’ve always had a special connection with food and family, as it brings us together. Our European heritage has been very influential in our love of food, allowing us to experiment and create various meals and recipes to share with our family and friends. 

We are passionate about cooking healthy and nutritious meals for our family and are conscious of the hidden chemicals in food products. As a result we wanted to create all natural stock made with fresh certified organic ingredients.  

After years of research and sourcing premium quality certified organic ingredients, we worked hard to perfect our recipe to ensure it added a deep, smooth and delicious flavour when added to your daily meals.  We wanted to bring our passion for cooking and love of food into your home and in 2017 the San Elk brand was created. 

We launched our first product San Elk Artisan Vegetable Stock and are excited to be working on new products and extend our range.. 

We are proud to support local farmers and producers and pride ourselves in providing premium products that offer best value to our customers.

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