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We Feed You Asian Vegetables with Brown Rice & Vietnamese Mint

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Fried rice that isn’t fried. Steamed brown jasmine rice tossed with heaps of crunchy fresh vegetables, tamari and lots of ginger. Heat in the oven for a little extra crunch! .

We Feed You Vegan Ratatouille with Black Olive Quinoa & Veggies

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Diced vegetables are pulled together in a rich tomato basil sauce and paired with white quinoa with kalamata olives and fresh parsley for this vegan version of We Feed You's.

Lewis & Son Sauerkraut (500g)


The roots of the business reach all the way across to Polish or German soils (depending on the year you dig them up).  Since 1945 we've been butchering and curing.

Celebrate Health Organic Pumpkin & Sweet Potato Soup (400g)


The second pumpkin soup in the FodShop range comes with a flavour hit! Sweet potato and pumpkin to delight your taste buds after a long day at the office. Simply.

We Feed You Ginger Tofu w/ Red Capsicum, Bok Choy & Vermicelli Noodles (350g)


Slow roasted tofu with traditional Asian flavours - ginger, soy and a hint of chilli. The tofu is served with red capsicum, julienned carrots, bok choy and noodles. This is.