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FreeFod Low FODMAP Garlic Replacer (72g)


Replace 1 clove of garlic with 1 teaspoon of FreeFOD garlic replacer in any recipe. Sprinkle through the product and mix well, under heat if possible. Add to water or.

MChef Herb & Spice Blend 'Mediterranean' (1.76oz, 10.58oz)

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A lemon paradise flavored perfectly into an aromatic fine herb blend that will enhance your recipes: fish, seafood, meat and vegetable dishes. The citrus notes will balance beautifully your favorites.

MChef Herb & Spice Blend 'Madagascar' (1.76oz, 10.58oz)

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Chef Marie made a glance to the French Cuisine by crafting a very special herbal blend with Pink and Green Peppercorns, Anise, Cardamom and Vanilla. Rich and aromatic, herbaceous and.

Epicured Classic Mac & Cheese

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Golden baked gluten-free elbow pasta in an earthy, sinfully creamy, cheddar and parmesan sauce. Serve size: 1 serve is low FODMAP, 350g per serve. Ingredients: Brown Rice Elbow Noodles 2% Lactose Free.