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Anila's Favourites - 6 Pack Curry & Chutney Anila's Favourites - 6 Pack Curry & Chutney

Anila's Favourites - 6 Pack Curry & Chutney

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Choosing your favourite curry sauces from Anila's has got to be the most challenging task, simply because all of Anila's sauces are incredibly unique and delicious.We've done the hard work.

Anila's Chilli Pasta Sauce (300g)


Serving size: Each 75g serve is low FODMAP, 4 serves per 300g jar. Ingredients: Tomatoes, Fennel, Virgin Olive Oil, Red Peppers, Scotch Bonnet Peppers, Tomato Puree, Herbs, Salt, Black Pepper..

Anila's Sweet Lime Pickle (220g)


A slightly sweet and tangy pickle with a little heat. This new pickles has all flavours combined and is sensational with cheese and is superb on the side of any.

Anila's Lemon Pickle (220g)


Tangy lemon with a hint of chilli This sweet and tangy lemon pickle is made from whole lemons and described as lemon curd with a hint of chilli. Is especially.

Anila's Dhansak Korma Curry Sauce (300g)


A mild to medium sauce which is mildly spiced and made with chickpeas and creamy coconut with a hint of tamarind to give a nutty and creamy flavour. It is.

Anila's Spicy Korma Curry Sauce (300g)


This Spicy Korma curry sauce is made with creamy coconut and richly spiced. It's slightly hotter taste with the creamy coconut flavour is unusually delicious and welcoming for a Korma.

Anila's Goan Green Curry (300g)


A mildly spiced, fragrant sauce (A Goan Recipe) made with fresh spinach, mint, coriander, and coconut. Perfect with fish, prawns and vegetables. It is a concentrated sauce to be used.

Anila's Fruity Mild Curry Sauce (300g)


This Fruity Mild sauce is made with red peppers,coconut and mango - perfect for children and for those who like mildly spiced curries.  It is a concentrated sauce to be.

Anila's Chilli Chutney (240g)


This hot and sweet chutney made with scotch bonnet peppers is perfect with crackers and cheese and as an ingredient to add to stir fries and casseroles and many more.