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Alfie's Food Co. Cashew Butter (250g)


Alfie's All Natural Dry Roasted Cashew is for the nut butter 'power user'. You've wasted enough of your life on chewing, why strain your teeth when you can let the.

Bay's Kitchen Low FODMAP Food & Symptom Diary


A very handy A5 Food & Symptom Diary with 4 months' worth of pages to record and track your food intake as well as your symptoms, with quick reference side.

Buontempo Gluten & Wheat Free Macaroni (500g)

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Gluten free macaroni is perfect for pasta bakes and macaroni cheese. As this product is wheat free, it does not contain fructans, the main FODMAP of concern in wheat and.

Buontempo Gluten & Wheat Free Rice Shells (250g)


Gluten free rice shells are perfect for a low FODMAP pasta salad or bolognese. As this product is wheat free, it does not contain fructans, the main FODMAP of concern in.

Buontempo Gluten & Wheat Free Spirals (250g, 500g)


You can trust Buontempo pastas for all your and your family's dietary needs.  As this product is wheat free, it does not contain fructans, the main FODMAP of concern in wheat and.

Carman's Original Fruit Free Muesli (500g) Carman's Original Fruit Free Muesli (500g)

Carman's Original Fruit Free Muesli (500g)

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Simple yet so delicious, Carman’s Original Fruit Free Muesli blends crispy baked Australian whole grain oats with a generous serve of crunchy almonds, pecans, pepitas and a hint of cinnamon.

Carman's Original Fruit free Muesli Bars (6 Bars, 270g)


It’s simply Carman's muesli in a bar! Chock full of Australian wholegrain oats, crunchy nuts, wholesome seeds and cinnamon, you’d best squirrel these fruit-free bars away for yourself! Serving size:.

Carman's Super Berry Muesli Bars (6 Bars, 270g)


Add some delight to your day with these downright delicious bars. Full of oaty goodness, gourmet berries and coconut, it’s simply our muesli in a bar! Serving size: One 45g.

Casalare Gluten & Wheat Free Cannelloni (125g)


Finally a low FODMAP cannelloni that everyone can enjoy! These tasty tubes are simply filled with your favourite low FODMAP filling, like lactose free ricotta and delicious spinach. Did we mention how.

Casalare Lasagne Sheets (250g)

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Low FODMAP and gluten free lasagne sheets! Yes, the impossible has indeed been made possible, thanks to Casalare who are really are the leaders in low FODMAP meals made easy.

Casalare Quinoa Elbows (250g) Casalare Quinoa Elbows (250g)

Casalare Quinoa Elbows (250g)

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Quinoa is an extremely nutritious low FODMAP grain added to many gluten free and low FODMAP pastas. The addition of quinoa creates a great texture and taste. This product is suitable for vegetarians and.

Casalare Quinoa Elbows (250g)

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Casalare Rice Crumbs (330g)


Casalare rice crumbs have been given the 'thumbs up' for their quality and use in place of regular bread crumbs. Made from puffed medium grain rice that is ground into.

Casalare Tempura Flour (750g) Casalare Tempura Flour (750g)

Casalare Tempura Flour (750g)

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Who doesn't love a lightly-battered, deep-fried delicacy every now and again? Batter your breakfast, lunch n' tea and keep your tummy happy too, with Casalare Tempura Flour. This flour is a.

Casalare Tempura Flour (750g)

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Cobram Estate Garlic Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil (250ml)


Palate A harmonious balance of delicate extra virgin and intense garlic-infused oils. The hint of fresh garlic brings a distinctively pungent flavour and pleasant, light aftertaste. Aroma This delicious fusion.

Cobram Estate Meal Starters Chilli and Coriander Infused (375ml)


A subtle tickle of heat mixed with herb's great divider. This is fiesty freshness, ripe for drizzling over salads, stir fry and curries. Perfect for warm Thai beef salad, Mexican.

Cobram Estate Meal Starters Garlic & Rosemary (375ml)


A robust profile of the best twosome in the kitchen. Aromatic in marinades, the roasting tray, and the grill. Excellent for roast lamb, root vegetables, shepherd's pie & even crispy.

Cobram Estate Meal Starters Ginger & Lemongrass Infused (375g)


A delicate zing paired with a smack of spice that adds a whole lot of punch to your wok, soup or salad. Ideal for chicken & coconut curry, spicy prawn.

Cobram Estate Roasted Onion Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil (250ml)

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Palate Distinctive yet delicate roast onion aromas and flavours linger on the palate. Aroma From a subtly sweet caramelised flavour to its FODMAP friendly status, this is a convenient, healthy.

Eskal Gluten Free Pretzels (75g)


These aren't your ordinary pretzel! Made specially to meet gluten and low FODMAP requirements for those of us with sensitive tummies, these traditional snacks have been modernly made with corn.

Eskal Gluten Free Rice Vermicelli Noodles (400g)


Authentic rice noodles are a delicious and light alternative to wheat noodles and spaghetti. Rice is a low FODMAP grain, therefore it is safe to eat in larger quantities without.

Eskal Ice Cream Original Cones 12 pcs (45g)


This gluten, dairy & wheat free low FODMAP pack of cones will delight children and adults alike! What more could you want this Australian summer, other than lactose-free low FODMAP.

Eskal Lemon Wafers (200g)


Layers of crisp wafer filled with lemon flavoured cream. These wafer fingers have the perfect amount of sweetness and zing. One of the first gluten free products introduced under the.

Eskal Mini Soup Croutons (200g) Eskal Mini Soup Croutons (200g)

Eskal Mini Soup Croutons (200g)

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Top your favourite low FODMAP soups confidently, with these lovely mini crunchy soup croutons from Eskal! Whether you like your soups ready-to-eat or made from scratch, get them right every time.

Eskal Oil Free Italian Dressing (300ml)


Italian Dressing to the rescue for all your favourite side salads! Bring that zing back to your meals with a salad dressing that's the real deal - no onion or.

Eskal Pink & White Marshmallows (180g)

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A soft fluffy sweet treat perfect for hot chocolates, desserts or as a delicious snack on their own. Serving size: A 10g serve is low FODMAP. Ingredients: Sugar, Glucose, Water, Gelatine.

Eskal Pretzel Sticks Sea Salt (200g)


Crunchy, oven baked stick pretzels lightly coated with sea salt. Fabulous for sharing, great with dips or just plain, you can rest assured eat these yummy low FODMAP snacks without those nasty.

Eskal Sandwich Biscuits Custard Creams (125g)


Treat yourself with the taste of this creamy classic. Two spiral style biscuits with a sweet vanilla flavoured filling, these yummy low FODMAP delights go great with your favourite tea..

Eskal Sandwich Biscuits Ginger Swirls (125g)


Experience a little sweet n' spice and all things nice with your cuppa. Two spiral style ginger biscuits with a cocoa cream filling, these low FODMAP bikkies will tickle your.

Eskal Spicy & Chunky Tapenade (290g)


A tasty, piquant blend of roasted red peppers, tomatoes and carrots flavoured with aromatic seasonings. It is a typical Eastern European ready dish, which can be used as a vegetarian.

Eskal Tea Biscuits Chocolate (200g)

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Eskal Chocolate Tea Biscuits make the perfect sweet treat with full chocolatey flavour. Enjoy them during morning and afternoon tea time, for dessert, or at snack time. With every bite,.